For clean and colorful hair-myths must be busted

Cleanliness is the key to good health. Proper hygiene if maintained well not only save us from various diseases but it also makes us attractive and brings shine to our personality.

Especially, when it comes to hair your hair, it will look dull and frizzy if it’s not clean properly most importantly if you wash your hair regularly and nourish it well then you will save it from problems like dandruff which is an embarrassing situation to deal with. People spend a lot of money to cure it which ask for simple hair care routine that involves cleanliness.

So, why wasting money when you can do it by using a shampoo like colour safe anti-dandruff shampoo that gives you the freedom to play with your hair.

People do a lot of things to look different and attractive, to add some extra points that will make them stand apart from the crowd. They try different clothes sometimes with they experiment with their looks and when it comes to looks the major difference is created by the hair so they are cutting it and colouring it.

There are many methods for colouring divided two main categories:

  • Natural methods- This involves the use of Heena(Mehandi)

          that will colour your hair naturally give a reddish-brown texture to your hair

  • Chemical methods-It involves the use of dyes. That can add any colour to our hair as per choice. For example, we can go all Red, Blue, White, Grey, Purple, Pink you just name it!

The only problem is in the process of making it attractive and cooler we generally tend to forget about the cleanliness routine that we have to follow for healthy tresses. All these chemical treatments are generally making our hair more prone to hair problems.

There are a lot of stories that revolve around washing our hairs. For instance, some people say that we need to wash our hair regularly daily some says regular wash can harm your scalp and hair can make a drive for forever in and similarly we have many myths associated with hair. Some of the age-old stories that need to be busted are listed below:

  • Hairs self-cleaning mechanism we need not wash them regularly.
  • Some people believe that dirty hair grows faster.
  • It is said that if you have oily hair then you need to wash it daily.
  • Some people believe after using a product like a shampoo for a while it becomes ineffective on your scalp.
  • The more shampoo you take the more it will clean your hair.
  • Some people believe that because they have greasy hairs they should skip conditioning.
  • Some believe that air dry or dry is better than blow dry.
  • Another story is that if you wash your hair frequently or regularly then it will harm its natural oils
  • People believe regular wash may lead to hair fall will make their hair fall out.

These are some prevalent myths that people around us believe and follow. They are even spreading these myths therefore it is necessary to be busted. However, there is no such shampoo that will bring a hundred per cent result in all hair type. So, we have customized shampoo, for instance, we have ‘best dandruff shampoo for coloured hair’  for people with coloured hair. That helps in cleansing colour treated hair and making then shiner.

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