Four Features That You Must Know Before Buying Casio Black Watch

Going out for a weekend adventure can be exciting, but you should know about some things and take with you while you are going out. Alongside food, water, and sleeping arrangements, you need not overlook one thing, which is a tactical watch.

A tactical watch is designed in such a way so that you can overcome some of the toughest situations. When you wear it on your wrist, you may forget it after a few hours. It is usually constructed with steel or high impact rubber so that you can put them through the wringer.

When it comes to finding out the tactical watches, it might get difficult for you to choose the right one. Since the market is full of available alternatives, you need to know about the tactical watches properly. To ease your challenging task, we’ve given a review of an excellent tactical watch below.

The G-Shock GA110-1B Black Watch from Casio is one of the best tactical watches available on the market today. It is designed to withstand mechanical shock and vibration. It also comes with both analog and digital features together for the convenience of users. Besides, it has some essential features that you should consider when purchasing the best tactical watch. So, let’s get into them below.

Quality Construction

This tactical watch is the construction of lightweight yet quite durable and high-quality materials, including a diameter of 51mm and 14mm width. This black watch delivers an anti-magnetic structure to keep your watch secured from any harsh shock. It also includes a case and band that are designed with Resin. The dial window of this watch uses scratch-free plastic.

Core Functions

This excellent tactical watch features both digital and analog movement, including stopwatch and countdown timer. It also provides World Time in 29 times zones, 48 cities + UTC, and daylight saving on and off. Besides, this watch has the alarm and the snooze alarm with an hourly time signal. You can also choose between the 12 hours or 24 hours format.

Multiple Resistances

When it comes to resistant features, this tactical watch ensures a variety of resistances, such as water, shock, and vibration. This watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters underwater. If this watch gets struck with hard things, it can avoid damage and run without any difficulties.

Long Battery Life

This tactical black watch ensures battery life that lasts longer. You will also have a daylight saving button to save your battery life. Besides, it has an auto LED light with an afterglow that allows you to see in low light conditions at night.


  • Comes with quality materials
  • Features a variety of features and functions
  • Includes stopwatch and countdown timer
  • Ensures shock and water resistance
  • Comes at affordable price


  • Some people don’t like its design


After all, this tactical watch provides plenty of features and functions that help you a lot when you are on a mission. Its durable mechanism allows you to use it for years without feeling any hassle. So, if you wear this tactical watch in your upcoming adventure, it might be a suitable option for you.

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