Freelance Content Writing Fee In India


Determining the writing speed of freelance writers in 2021, especially as a new freelance writer in India, will be one of the biggest dilemmas you will face. The work of deciding how much to pay to write content can be overwhelming. At first, you want to get paid for the project no matter what, and second, you also want to get paid for all the time you have invested. The writers deliberately charge less than they are worth, just to get the project they really want.

How much would you pay as a freelance writer?

  • Laptop, internet and maintenance costs
  • Health insurance (I don’t have one yet)
  • Life insurance
  • Paid or sick leave
  • TDS (Withholding Tax) if you work with Pvt. Ltd
  • GST if you earn over 20 times a year from Indian customers
  • Any phone bills associated with it
  • All Starbucks coffee

How Much Do Freelance Content Writers Charge?

Most companies looking to outsource content creation hire freelance content authors. The open market encompasses platforms, agencies, and freelancers that are made up of millions of freelance writers, with no general agreement on pricing. You can set your own price, usually hourly or word by word.

Freelance Writing Fee

The first step to deciding what to charge is to find out what types of fees you can charge. There are basically five types of freelance writing fees:

  • Per project or flat rate
  • Per hour
  • Per word
  • Per page
  • Retention rate for each work in progress

Website content writing     

  • Web page (200-300 words) Rs. 400
  • Web page (400-500 words) Rs. 600
  • Web page (500-600 words) Rs. 700
  • Web page (600-700 words) Rs. 800
  • Web page (700-800 words) Rs. 900
  • Web page (800-900 words) Rs. 1000
  • Web page (900-1000 words) Rs. 1100

Blog content writing rates 

  • Blog post (200-300 words) Rs. 350
  • Blog post (300-400 words) Rs. 450
  • Blog post (400-500 words) Rs. 550
  • Blog post (500-600 words) Rs. 650
  • Blog post (600-700 words) Rs. 750
  • Blog post (700-800 words) Rs. 850
  • Blog post (800-900 words) Rs. 950
  • Blog post (900-1000 words) Rs. 1050
  • Blog post (1000-1200 words) Rs. 1250

Email content writing rates         

  • Email message (200-300 words) Rs. 250
  • Email message (300-400 words) Rs. 400
  • Email message (100-500 words) Rs. 500

Email marketing content writing rates         

  • Email message (200-300 words) Rs. 800
  • Email message (300-400 words) Rs. 1,000
  • Email message (400-500 words) Rs. 1,200

Sales and marketing copy  

  • Landing page (400-1000 words) Rs. 4000

The various factors that determine your charges for content writing in India are as follows

Your work experience

This is the most important criterion for getting the desired salary for your content writing job. As you gain experience and knowledge, you will be paid more than in any other industry.

However, content authors specialize in SEO techniques to attract leads, visiting the site has a chance to make more money. This gives the company a great advantage. So the employer will be happy to give you the amount that you deem worthy.


Content writing jobs in metropolitan areas like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata will pay you more than cities that are still growing. This applies to financial centers and technologically advanced centers and cities that have great business potential and a wide range of available opportunities.


Content writing fees depend on the services you offer and the niche you serve. Some niches are more profitable than others and help you make more money. Guest posting is a viable option, in the long run, the best digital marketing company in India which also provides you the best content writer.

He is prone to many problems. If you are a content writer capable of writing content on a wide variety of topics, you might consider a career as a website blogger. Plus, your search engine optimization and your value will multiply.

Ability to negotiate

Your self-confidence and self-confidence will help you determine your content writing fees.

Educational Qualification

This is not an absolute necessity, but your degree can come in handy when you lack experiences, such as your formal education in journalism, mass communication, literature, and writing. Creativity can be an alternative to no work experience. Ultimately, what matters is how you create content. Let’s say you are educated, but you lack the discernment to properly write articles that produce results. After that, the certificates and degrees will not end. any use Only your actual work matters.

Don’t set a flat rate for every word

I’ve seen freelance content writers charge the same flat rate per word for any type of project, and this is completely wrong. For some types of topics, it may take an hour to complete 1000 words.

Others may ask for a lot. Learn that it can take 67 hours to compose a 1,000-word passage. Understand your niche and download accordingly. Setting a flat rate will only fail.

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