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If You are looking for Liposuction Surgery then we are here to help. Then You are inthe Right Place liposuction is a procedure where we suck out fat from under the skin. you can remove far from specific portions.  These are just like the lower part of the stomach (tummy), thighs, arms, or chin and can contour your body parts.

Fat is sucked out from a very small hole and dispersed. it effect is seen only on that part from where the fat has been sucked. hence it’s good for those patients who have localized fat at one or two parts and liposuction in Punjab can help out. Hence, the hunger will remain the same as we do not do anything to the stomach or intestine,and can be a safe process.

With the increase in weight, there is an increase in several fat cells also which causes more fat in the body. Liposuction removes excess fat cells thereby and gets relief permanently from this problem. Reducing their number in the area is done and the result may be permanent. In case you can maintain your weight you can see the results for a long time.

Types of Liposuction:liposuction in Punjab is done in the below-mentioned ways.

Tumescent liposuction.This is the most common type of liposuction in which a surgeon injects saline to aid fat removal. in this method, a small cut is given to insert a thin cannula, and fat is removed under the skin.  A Cannula is connected to a vacuum machine by which fat suck. The fat fluid is sucked out by this technique.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL). An ultrasound emitting metallic rod is inserted under the skin and it ruptures fat cells. so, this technique is thereby helpful in making their removal easier. A new generation of UAL called VASER-assisted liposuction is common these days. It uses a device that may improve skin contouring .in this way it helps to reduce the chance of skin injuries.

Laser-assisted liposuction (LAL).It uses LASER attached cannula to break down fat cells and this method is used with Lasers. The fat is then removed via a cannula to remove fat cells.

Power-assisted liposuction (PAL).In this case, the powered cannula is used and the method is highly powerful. The cannula moves in a rapid back-and-forth motion to break down fat cells

Your surgeon is likely to choose a technique that suits your requirements and techniques. These are depending upon your body’s needs.

The liposuction concept is astonishingly simple yet effective and helps in attaining, desired body shape. Hence, by removing excess fat from the deposits that are located in-between skin and muscle, to shape up your body.These are otherwise hard to lose with exercise and with these methods you can contour your body shape. A small stainless steel tube is known as a cannula by which fat gets removed. It is inserted into the fat layer of the skin, which is connected to a powerful pump. The method is capable of sucking fat out and the process is also known as weight loss surgery. The aim is to alter the body shape and the results are long-lasting. hence, these methods are helping the patient to maintain a healthy weight is quite safe and one of the most popular cosmetic procedures nowadays.

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