Google To Make Display Ads Safer, Faster And Better For Users

The tech giant Google through the use of AMP framework has created better and safer AMPHTML Ads or display ads.  Because of this, Google has expanded its serving of ads not only on AMP pages but on customary web pages too.As of January 2019, 12% of all display ads handed out by Google is now AMPHTML ads.

With the above paragraph, the question might arise that what are AMPs? You can also take help from good digital marketing agency usato get rid of such headaches.

 Here’s an answer to that. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages

  • AMPs are an open-source protocol that paces up pages loading on mobile browsers. AMP HTML pages can load 15-85% quicker than non-AMP pages.
  • AMP – an exceptionallycommanding version of HTML that supports a variety of ad networks.
  • Data utilizationreduces eight times when you load AMP than an average web page.
  • The AMP links come into view with gray lightning-bolt featuring logo along with the tag “AMP” in Google search results.
  • AMP pages can be effortlesslyactivated on websites built on Magento, Drupal, and WordPress and on many other admired CMS.

The codes in the AMP repository are an open source which is being carefully reviewed by project maintainers before being merged. This results in the better performance of the AMPHTML ads. With the use of this process there is a visible reduction in the likelihood of AMPHTML ads, which are the codes that take advantages of the chipset level vulnerabilities or drain CPU by crypto mining from other users.

Since AMPHTML ads can be dependent, they can be rendered into a more performant same-origin iframe. This presentation boost results in the ad rendering quicker on page which interprets to superior publisher revenue and enhanced advertiser ROI.

An AMPHTML ad carried out to an AMP page has improved presentation in contrastto the same ad running on the regular web page. This is due to the intrinsic design of AMPHTML ads. AMP pages have witnessed stable growth over the past years and advertisers now have theright to use of a whopping 1 billion impressions/day worth of premium. Adding up, more than 35 percent of ads served to AMP pages are already AMPHTML ads.

Publishers and advertisers are getting more benefitted with the AMP framework, The news publisher EL PAIS amalgamated with Volkswagen, one of their advertisers, to run a multivariate A/B test calculating how Volkswagen’s display ads created in AMPHTML vs. HTML5 would perform on AMP vs. regular pages. The CTR rise in HTML5 ad resulted in the 26% growth, while AMPHTML ads resulted in an additional 48% CTR boost.

The new AMP framework is loaded with many new specs namely, an analytics measurement framework, a spam detection system, ability to view measurement and other building blocks to create good and measurable ads.A good boutique digital agency always take care of such changes.

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