Growing Personal Brand with LinkedIn – Three Tips You Should Follow

If you’re a professional working in a robust industry, you must know the value of a personal brand in this day and age.

Typically, brand image and awareness are traits associated with companies. Since they are in the direct business of selling products and services to willing buyers, it makes sense for them to have a valuable brand name.

Why do professionals need to focus on personal branding? Simple. In today’s market, professionals have to be good at selling themselves.


Think about a field like digital marketing. There is so much competition amongst professionals for a handful of top positions. Unlike other jobs like web and app development where top brands hire entire armies of developers, digital marketers are not hired in such a rush. At best, a big brand would have a digital marketing team of ten or fifteen people.

In this competition, professionals have no choice but to rely on personal branding to land better jobs. In digital marketing institutes, students are given in-depth training on how to become better at personal branding.

In this article, we cover how personal branding as a goal can be achieved through LinkedIn.

Use LinkedIn Like a Dynamic Resume

Big brands don’t just hire people based on a resume. They try and gauge the personality of the person they are going to hire.

LinkedIn is a great place for professionals to build their ‘work’ personality. HRs and head hunters scan through LinkedIn to look for professionals who take the initiative to share their thoughts and opinions about the industry they work in.

Your LinkedIn profile and activity can essentially serve as a dynamic resume.

Write LinkedIn Blogs

Blogging is not just a digital marketing tactic. It can be of great use for those trying to set themselves apart. If you have something to say about the industry you work in, or some tips you want to share with others, consider writing a LinkedIn blog.

When you publish a blog on LinkedIn, all your connections will be notified. Depending on the engagement you post generates, it might get a lot of new people to view your content and enhance your personal brand.

Optimize LinkedIn Profile URL

Something professionals don’t realize is that HRs, recruiters, and head hunters share LinkedIn profiles of candidates all the time. If your name is Gaurav Chand and your LinkedIn profile URL is ‘’, your profile is less likely to be shared as it is to random for someone to remember. Instead, if you’re LinkedIn URL is ‘’ or any other related phrase, your profile will be shared more widely.

In Conclusion

If there is one thing all working professionals value LinkedIn for, it is building a personal brand. Even a small-time employee at an unknown company can move through the ranks with the right personal branding strategy for LinkedIn.

In this article, we covered three tips that can help individuals develop their own personal brand on LinkedIn.

About the Author – Ravi TejaModavalsa is a marketer and brand consultant currently working as an analyst for DelhiCourses, a popular training institute known for its digital marketing course in Delhi.

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