Healthy Hair Habits To Follow, Especially If You Are 20 Something


You should take good care of your hair. Many hairstylists suggest treating your hair like a cashmere sweater. And trust us, they are right! You can have healthy hair by learning the correct and wrong ways to style your strands. To start out, cut down on heat styling and limit your bleach appointments. Regular trims are also important. You’ll be well-prepared for your life ahead by establishing these healthy hair habits in your 20s. Here’s your guide to having the best hair in town. Check out—

  • Before taking care of the hair, take care of the scalp—

Healthy roots are vital for hair growth. So, if you see scalp problems like dandruff, address them immediately. Your dermatologist can help you treat your dandruff effectively. If you are looking for a dandruff shampoo online shopping would be the best bet for you. You will find all your favourite brands and products online at discounted prices.

  • Find a post-workout hair regimen that works best for you—

You can damage your hair by washing it too often after your workout sessions. But then we like to get rid of all the sweat that accumulates on the scalp after workout. For that, you can use a variety of methods. If you don’t have enough time to wash your hair, dry shampoo can be used. 

  • Get your nutrition from food and not Supplements—

While nail, skin and hair supplements are all common, they are not always effective. It is much more beneficial to get your biotin and zinc doses from food than pills.

  • Ditch the traditional hair elastics and opt for something more creative and crease-free—

The post-ponytail crease, which is so dreaded, is now a thing of the passé. Secure your hair with a bungee that has a hook at each end or use a spiral-elastic to create a style of your choice.

  • Make sure your last rinse is with cool water—

After you have shampooed your hair and conditioned it with lukewarm water (anything hot can dry out your hair strands), rinse off your hair with cool water. This cold rinse will seal the hair cuticles, locking in the conditioner, and making it look smoother. It can also help to maintain moisture and seal your hair colour, if you have dyed it.

  • Use a T-shirt to dry out your hair—

Curly girls know that using a towel for drying wet hair is the fastest way to get frizz. Instead, you can keep a worn-out tee shirt in your bathroom and use it for blotting excess water from your hair. This will ensure that your hair is smooth and flat.

  • Tackle tiny problems with simple home remedies—

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to fix every hair problem. With what you already have, you can make a quick fix. Do you need a super-moisturizing hair treatment? Coconut oil is your best choice. You need to quickly get rid of frizz? Get a dryer sheet. Want to manage baby hair and flyaway? Use an old toothbrush.

  • Use a hair brush suited for your tresses—

If you choose the wrong kind of hairbrush, your hair can become damaged. To achieve smoother hair with a lot of volume, a boar bristle brush would be the best. If you have curly hair, a synthetic fibre brush will work fine.

  • Change your hairstyles often—

Your hair can suffer if you keep the same hairstyle for too long. To avoid pulling on your hairline, change your hairstyle every once in a while. Too tight styles can cause hair loss, or traction-alopecia (slow thinning of the hair due to excessive force)

  • Don’t heat style your hair—

Although we love a great blowout, too much heat can damage your hair. You might notice that your strands break mid-shaft. This could be due to your flat-iron, or your blow dryer. Hair loss can indeed result from heat damage. You should avoid using hot tools at all costs. Instead, use heat-free hairstyling tools for style.

  • Get your hair trimmed regularly—

Trimming your hair every six to eight weeks is a good idea, even if that appears too short a time period. Even to prevent hair getting tangled in the shower, trimming the ends is important. It’s time to see your hairstylist if you notice rough hair ends that are easily visible or which feel like straw.

  • Avoid washing your hair everyday—

Shampoo is intended to clean your hair and scalp. But shampoos with sulphates, which are what make the bubbles, can dry out hair. So, avoid washing your hair daily. Three times a week is a reasonable hair wash routine you can maintain. If, however, you can’t go without washing your hair daily, look for a highly moisturizing shampoo. If you order shampoo online, then read on the product descriptions to know what specific features your chosen product has got.

  • Never forget to condition your hair—

Conditioner should be used each time you shampoo to add moisture to your hair. For fine hair, you can use the reverse shampoo method. First, you apply conditioner and then you rinse with a cleanser.

  • Be gentle on your hair when you detangle the strands—

When hair is soaking wet, it is most vulnerable to damage. Do most of your detangling before you go into the shower. Use a wide-toothed brush and lots of conditioner if you need to brush your hair wet. This will prevent your hair from breaking. To be safe, you can split the hair into sections. Start your detangling process at the ends and work your way to the roots. 

Aren’t these some really amazing, good hair practices to follow? Well, yes! But you don’t have to be frustrated if your hair doesn’t cooperate on certain days (this happens to everyone). Sometimes, you have to learn to accept the fact that your hair is capable of thinking for itself. After all, each strand is unique. Why not wait? May be tomorrow is going to be a good hair day for you!

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