Here’s Why People Say That You Shouldn’t Go to Google “What Dinosaur Has Teeth?”


Practical jokes and gags come with varying degrees of humor, however many people confuse “hate” as “edge.” There’s a distinct difference between saying something simply because you’re dealing with a particular personal problem and trying to come up with a clever point or punchline out of the struggle and attempting to convey something that’s not meant because you’re trying to make a point to justify your bad character.

This internet craze that asks users “ what dinosaur has 500 teeth?” It falls in the latter category.

Answering “what dinosaur has 500 teeth” is a scheme to convince people to say the N-word.

The dinosaur that lived for 110 million years, Nigersaurus Faqueti, is an herbivorous sauropod living in the middle of the cretaceous alongside the suchomimus “supercroc” and other herbivores such as the ouranosaurus as well as the lurdusaurus.

There is a lot of interest in the 30-foot-long prehistoric beast as they’re hoping that people who research the dinosaur will misspell its name and end up saying the word “N-word. It’s because there are many people online who share the same attitude as the hordes of black seventh-graders screaming through their Xbox Live headsets after getting headshots that were not viewed during Halo.

The “what dinosaur has 509 teeth” question was first popularized in a year-end 2019 Reddit thread.

Many other threads have transformed the process of looking for to find the fossilized dinosaur on internet into a popular meme. People have called it “the most politically incorrect dinosaur ever” while others stated that “Africanamericanasaurus is a mouthful.”

This meme is now so commonplace that if you type “what dinosaur has 500 teeth” into Google, you will see that in a Google search the top results all pertain to “most teeth” or the “500 teeth” meme. The fact was highlighted in the comments of a separate Nigersaurus blog post: “This is literally the most suggested auto-complete for “what dinosaur”. Thank you reddit for doing it.”

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