Hidden Features of WhatsApp, Tips, and Tricks in 2022


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps with over a billion active users. New features are constantly being added to the app and every few weeks we encounter an exciting program. So, what new WhatsApp changes should WhatsApp’s Top 5 Privacy Features.

If you frequently use WhatsApp for technical or personal reasons and are looking for ways to improve your chatting experience, here are some useful WhatsApp tips and tricks that you can benefit from.

Hide photos and videos of the WhatsApp group in the gallery

Most of us have no control over what content is pushed on our phones by WhatsApp groups, and this content displaying in your phone gallery can be a big problem.
WhatsApp has now added the option to hide media for certain groups in the gallery. Just open the WhatsApp group and press the group name to access the option (as shown in the picture). This method will not delete existing WhatsApp photos in your gallery (you will need to delete them) and will only hide new incoming media.

Protect your WhatsApp using fingerprint lock

You can also protect your WhatsApp using unlock fingerprints. This way, only people with fingerprints on their phones will be able to access WhatsApp. To do so, go to Settings >> Accounts >> Privacy and scroll down to lock your fingerprints.
Before using the fingerprint unlock, you should be aware that in the event that the fingerprint authentication fails, there is no option to unlock using the pattern.

Hide certain contacts from viewing your story

Stories are a great way to express your feelings and can be personal. If you do not want to share them with all your contacts on WhatsApp, you can prevent certain contacts from viewing your status or news updates as they currently stand.

Go to WhatsApp Settings >> Account >> Privacy
Select Status >> ‘External contacts’
Now select the specific contacts you wish to avoid and tap the tag below.
You can also select the “Share Only” option if you wish to share status updates only with a limited number of specific contacts.

Great WhatsApp tips and tricks

These are some interesting features of WhatsApp and we are sure you can benefit from a few of them. WhatsApp keeps adding features and if you wish to be the first to try new changes, you can also sign up for the Beta program.

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