How Blockchain Community India is Decentralised


Blockchain Community India – Introduction

Blockchain Community India is a unique and progressive business collaboration. It have brought together the industry domain experts and technical experts together to bring value to eleven traditional businesses they have chosen for their initial setup, namely – healthcare sector, education sector, banking, and finance sector, utility and e-commerce sector, hospitality sector, information technology sector, supply chain sector, in online payments popularly known as payment gateway.

Decentralized Board of Blockchain Community India

Blockchain Community India has adopted a different business model where it empowers its investors to be able to take decisions of its investments. They are fully responsible for where and which project their investments should go into. There is no central body in Blockchain Community India who takes the decision on how the money from its investors should be utilized. Every investor decides which project they want to invest into and see it grow. Obviously, the project which has the majority of investors investing into is highly probable to be profitable. Hence it has got a decentralized business model where every investor is part of the board of members and is quite empowered to express his views and doubts about a project and take monetary decisions of his invested money. 

Role of Central Team in Blockchain Community India

The central team in Blockchain Community India works on technical and financial feasibility of the projects and carries out the operations of already approved projects. They present these feasibility studies in front of the members of the board so that they can view and analyze the growth opportunity and can invest if they seem interested. Apart from this the central team also upsets the investors on the progress and development of the projects where they have already invested their money. Also, the investors are informed about how much interest they have earned so far out of the project they have invested into. Then they can decide if they wish to further invest this interest into the same or another project or wish to take it away as their earnings. Primarily most of the investors utilize their interests earned, to uprise their investments. This central team is also responsible for providing an open and welcoming forum for its board members so that they can share their thoughts and ideas which can be further viewed and evaluated by other members of the board. They believe that every member is part of the family and is equally important and contributing towards the success of this Community.

Investment Opportunity for Individuals with Blockchain Community India

Apart from being the board members, you also be part of the growth journey of Blockchain Community India by downloading their e-wallet. This e-wallet is based on blockchain technology and is widely accepted across India. One simply must download their e-wallet and deposit the invested amount into it. Now the best part about this scheme is that the deposited amount can be invested by the user at any retail store through the e-wallet and still you earn interest on this principal amount. Hence you can also be a part of this growth journey by not having to invest a single rupee into the company.

Where to get more information about the investments?

To know more how you can also be part of this growth journey of Blockchain Community India, you can visit their website – Blockchain Community. And, can call their customer care number. Blockchain Community India is completely invested into two technologies – Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. These two technologies promise a plethora of opportunities in the coming time and Blockchain Community India is looking forward to tapping these opportunities and creating a base for these technologies in India. The technologies are still developing across the globe and hence have a lot of potential for further growth. 

Whom did Blockchain Community India consist of?

Blockchain Community India is not only a community of entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts, but they also are promoting the specially skilled people in the market who have already attained some sort of expertise into these technologies. They are also working to conduct several hackathons to seek hidden talent across the country. They provide opportunities to the young techno experts by involving them into their projects and giving them an outlook of complete end to end functionality of the project and its various aspects. They are also working towards creating collaborative forums where the experts from various domains come and discuss the probability of these technologies and how they shall progress further.

Unique Aspects of the Community

Blockchain Community India is the first of its kind company. It’s a decentralized, open-source, and borderless communities who have pledged themselves to dispense their service in a distinct manner and follow their own unique motive. The company is full of experts who promise to take it to new heights.

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