How can an IVR system automate ticketing systems?


Before we jump onto the main intent of this blog, let us know what IVR is?

If you are considering integrating automated responses in your business’s customer service support, you should first know the basics of an IVR.

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response System. It is a system that allows you to modify your communication process with your customer to give them a simple way to solve any queries or problems they are having in context with the services your business provides. An IVR can be greetings, instructions, and many other things you can customize.

If you are thinking, how does this work? Let us know.

This technology is designed for businesses to take the user’s information via the keypad, and they will be playing a pre-recorded message based on that. Think about your mobile network companies. When you want to know your daily data balance usage, you need to press a certain key to tell you the information you need. Multiple messages like this are recorded, which adheres to the concerns of your company.

Businesses usually prefer an IVR because it will form a communicative environment and help them give solutions to the user’s issues more efficiently.

Let us discuss some reasons for having an IVR number.

Significant efficiency- As the response will be automated, you can solve more issues or connect to more customers who need to talk to an expert instead of a single person handling all the work.

Reduced costs– Because of an IVR number, you will be able to hire lesser people for phone interactions, which will reduce costs for your business.

Tracking orders made easier- With IVR, you will track the status of your customer’s orders and give them the location easily and effortlessly.

No language barrier- With IVR, it can be recorded in multiple languages. So no matter which part of the country your customer is from, you can interact with them in their local language if they are not comfortable communicating in either Hindi or English. Based on your location, they will provide you with an option of the language based on your locality.

Can be customized for every customer- You can customize IVR for every one of your customers. For example, the greeting message can include their name, Hey, XYZ Welcome, how can we help you? This automated message will help your customers feel acknowledged and relevant.

Let us discuss how IVR can automate ticketing systems.

Buying tickets in a long line for anything, be it movies, buses, or trains, can be stressful if there is too much crowd. With an IVR, the whole process of ticketing systems can be made automated.

How is it done?

  • The customers call on your provided number.
  • They are greeted and asked about the information they require.
  • Different responses are played from which they can choose one. 
  • They follow the instructions.
  • Based on what they have selected, their ticket will be booked with all their information.
  • The administration can get a notification from the system for the booking confirmation, due to which there is no doubt about any reservation problem.

Advantages of automated ticketing

  • No bad user experience because of a long line or waiting periods.
  • Instant reservation confirmation as everything is stored in the system so there can be no errors.
  • IVR can be integrated with SMS, e-mails, Database, CRM, Calendar, 3rd Party Applications, Fax, etc.
  • The easy-to-use menu is modified according to the customer’s requirements.
  • Easy to understand instructions with an option for multiple languages to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • 24/7 availability even after the working hours of the business.
  • The tickets can be generated anytime, anywhere.
  • This helps your business give better customer service support than before.
  • Payments can be made easily because of the easy integration with third-party applications.

Overall, it is only beneficial for your ticketing business or any other business which requires a lot of customer interaction to take an IVR number. An IVR number can be gained from any Cloud Communication company IVR service provider in India.

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