How can employers help employees work from home successfully?

Most of the industry types have allowed their employees to work from home because of Corona. But, the fact that working from home daily is a new practice adopted by most of the companies and employees, both of them have a different perspective. While the employers have never been in support of it, the employees wanted to avail it since forever. Employees have only been allowed to work from home so that quarantine can be adopted by them in real sense and the virus transmission can be prevented. Needless to say, the economy is hit badly but because the companies care for their employees, the same is allowed. Nothing is more precious than saving lives but apparently, not all the employees of every organisation are as diligent. Self-discipline is a quality that some or most of them may lack. While you cannot monitor all of them at a time, you can stay connected virtually. Communication, motivation and positivity is the key. 

But, before that here are a few guidelines that you should send to your employees so that they can function from home just like they used to in the office (or may be outperform their office performance)!

  • Ask them to stay organised- It is difficult for employees to work from home properly till the time they are not organised. The deliverables that they have will always keep staring at them by the end of the day as they might get distracted by thir kids, social media apps or even Netflix. To make sure they stay organised create an excel sheet where the employees will be required to write the daily tasks done and share their to do list in the morning. Managers can use HRIS software as well to chat and make announcements with tech news
  • Request them to create a workspace- The office environment cannot be imitated at work but the employees can still be requested to not work while sitting on their beds. Ask them to create a workspace where they can assemble their files, leep their laptop and other office related documents. When the employees sit on a chair and table, it keeps them more alert and in the mood to work.
  • Tell  them to plan their day- You can also ask your employees to plan their day by making a list of things day need to do in a day in their personal life and professional life. This will help them set time for all the tasks. Otherwise, they may find themselves playing with their kids for 2 long hours during office time. But, when they will have a roadmap for the day, they will be able to manage everything well. To promote this practice, peers or managers can give badges using the HRIS software India to the employee who is excelling at work from home. In the badge description, you must mention that they were able to do so because they planned things for the day beforehand. 
  • Inform that about the fix office hours- You can inform the employees that they should practice self-discipline. If you observe employees not implementing it, by all means you can fix the office work hours for them. Ask them to mark the attendance in the HRIS software. This also implies that they have to be available online and on call during this time for office related discussions. 
  • Advice the employees to stay away from distractions- Make sure your employees know how distracting their TV, family and App notifications can be. Till the time they are keeping thes distractions out of sight, they will remain their most productive self. The moment they go closer to them, they lose focus. 

Besides the aforementioned guidelines, you must also ask the employees to keep their managers posted if they will not be available on a certain day to work from home so that the productivity doesn’t get hampered. We hope these guidelines help streamline your work from home policy even more! 

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