How can I do an MBBS abroad?


In recent times studying MBBS abroad has been a growing trend among Indian students who aspire to be a doctor. The medical profession in India is endowed with a halo of nobility and a rewarding satisfying career as well. Though India is the largest producer of MBBS graduates in the world, not many can fulfill the dream of pursuing a medical career due to intense competition and cost deterrence.

An aspiring MBBS student needs a high score in NEET to book a seat in government medical college. Else choosing to study MBBS abroad looks like an amply sensible option as compared to in a private college in the country.

Advantages of MBBS abroad:

There are a number of advantages of studying MBBS abroad for an India student: let us check them out.

  • Affordable international degree.
  • Most of them are approved by the MCI assuring future career prospects back home.
  • The curriculum is of global standards.
  • English is the medium of instruction.
  • Simplified admission procedure without the need for any further test and payment of capitation fee or donation.
  • Enriching experience in an international community.

Favored nations to study MBBS abroad:

Most international Indian students pursuing MBBS abroad look for countries in the neighborhood for obvious reasons of cultural affinity and an amicable environment. Cost is another major determinant for the choice. Thus the most favored countries for MBBS abroad are:

  • China
  • Bangladesh
  • Russia
  • Georgia
  • Ukraine
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • West Indies

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS abroad:

For Indian students the criteria are very liberal and the requisites are greatly simplified. But prior to committing in any particular medical university abroad, you must compulsorily check the approved list published by the MCI every year. Choosing an approved university from the list assures you of recognition on return after the completion of the course.

  • Must have passed the 12th Board exam or equivalent with minimum 50% marks in PCB and aggregate. For the reserved students it is 40%.
  • A valid NEET score.

Admission procedure for MBBS abroad:

If you want to study MBBS abroad, you have to initiate preparations in right earnest in due time. The timelines cannot be generalized and will depend greatly on your choice of destination. Check it out at the official portal of the chosen country or engage an aggregator/consultant to assist you in the process. However, the general procedure remains very similar.

  • Apply to the appropriate country specific authority or agency along with academic credentials and supporting NEET scorecard.
  • On evaluation and approval of your application, you are issued an admission letter and an invitation from the University / Ministry of Education of the chosen country.
  • With this document in hand, you are required to proceed with VISA formalities. Different countries have different norms. You need to comply with them strictly before you are issued an appropriate VISA for studies abroad.
  • You can finally embark on the journey for MBBS abroad.

Cost of MBBS abroad:

It is one of the important factors that determine your choice for MBBS abroad. As an international student, you have to cope with regional sensibilities and adapt to the local lifestyle. It is a plus for Indian students that all the favored destinations have living standards very similar to our country. Along with reasonable tuition fees and living expenses, your stay becomes affordable. In addition international students can also look at scholarships in the target universities.

Future prospects:

On return, the Indian student can clear the FMGE, the screening test conducted by MCI for internship and registration as a Medical professional for practice in India. You are also entitled to clear the USMLE for pursuing a career in medicine in USA.


With the right choice taking into consideration MCI approval and university ranking, your MBBS abroad is bound to be a wise move. Gaining an international MBBS at a fraction of the cost in private medical college in India is not only rewarding but also satisfying.

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