How do employees feel after lockdown while entering into office?

In the normal period, the office was filled with the joy of work and celebration. After the covid period, many restrictions are made in each company to over illness. This makes unhappy among employee because they could share their happiness among them and no more celebration occur in the offices.

The alright channel realizes the most viral video concepts of office after the lockdown. In kritika Avasthi videos are going to promote offices tales of normal working days vs. lockdown working days. On normal days the working station is carried out with full of enjoyment of work and funny moments. After the lockdownthe company made a rule for safety and security for the employee while they join back to the workstation. 

Now work station become less enjoyment and more stress of atmosphere. The reasonable become more necessary in the work platform. The measurement is taking such as social distance, timeline, and seat arranger are reorder to be free from illness. This makes the company atmospheres into fewer events and celebrations and leads to less funny office funny video and office funny moments.

The alright channel which is launched by Kritika Avasthi & Deepansha Dhingra is the most popular and entertainment channel among other youtube channel. This channel released the most trending videos in 2020 which happing in India, now this channel is going to promote office after lockdown The already squad going to promote a lockdown video that is specifically is going to happen in the office after this lockdown. Past few months much illness accursed in the world, therefore many people’s activate have been affected office too.

What sort of platform each channel has?

In youtube there, several channel each channel carry their specie content some media carry only the issues or entertainment or health records, etc. And some other channels carry very kind information in their channel. Some sort most familiar and famous channels are.

 The filter copy is a most familiar and familiar channel with millions of subscribers and views for it. The main concept is to entertain people. The concept is according to today’s issues in the words. The dice medical channel is based on the concept of relationship. This media gives tips for relationships and each video is fully comedy relationships bases.

The TVF is one most popular channel which carries many platforms of social status. They also collect each influence as in-depth information. The one the largest digital platform for media is Rvcj channels have 30 million views and subscribe this media describes friendship based concepts.

And other second most familiar channels is Hasley India, they each concept becomes a trending video on youtube channels. Becomes of their concept which depends on today’s platforms in the business. Ashish Chanchlani channel is the most viral video nowadays becomes he tells the most necessary information to people in an entertaining manner. Each video of him is the most views by 50 million and millions of subscribers

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