How do I write an effective essay for the UPSC Mains?


A well-written essay should contain

  1. A great introduction
  2. Excellent flow
  3. Coverage ( of various aspects)
  4. Well articulated points
  5. A positive conclusion

Let’s look at each of these issues separately.

A great introduction

The introduction is designed to ease readers into the subject. It must bring readers to consider the topic that is being debated without him/her knowing. There are many different ways to start their essay. The most well-known method I’ve seen that I don’t like , is to use quotes to begin the essay. Another option is to draw an image of the topic before introducing the subject. I generally use this method.

For instance, in the 2021’s essay I can recall that the question I had to answer was The essay started with a comment like this:

Many years ago, Mark Antony stirred an entire nation with ESSAY WRITING PRACTICE COURSE FOR UPSC MAINS his presence on a stage. It was a long time ago, but it was precisely the same podium that Hitler used to entice people into taking part in atrocities. The words of history have proven to us, are more powerful than a double-edged sword. I got 145 marks on my the essay I wrote the same year ( if I recall the right way)

The benefit of this approach is that it needs only the ability to think creatively. It doesn’t require you to study a variety of quotes that you can incorporate into any essay. The drawback is that creativity is difficult to come by for everyone.

Very impressive flow

A well-written essay will seamlessly move between its many parts. It is important to prepare your essay before you begin writing it. One method I use is to record every single thought that comes to my mind before categorizing and putting them into a frame. When I do this, I record the ideas that would be included in the essay. Then, I simply increase the points. This will ensure that the flow between diverse parts is kept.


I’ve always tried to include various aspects of a subject when I was trying to cover to write about it. A lot of people recommend the “SPELTE” strategy, which examines the topic’s Social Legal, Economic, Political technological and environmental aspects. I’ve found that this can make the essay very repetitive and less effective in the essay. I don’t compartmentalize the essay into such pigeon holes, but attempt to cover all aspects without such explicit compartmentalization.


There’s a difference between the ability to express something succinctly, and then having to write it in such a large number of words. The length of sentences that are long and rambling reduces the ability to read the essay. In order to be successful in this area you must be proficient in the language. My experience was that I learned it through reading many. The most effective place to begin is to read the newspaper’s editorial. I would go through the editorials of Hindu, Live Mint and Business Standard. Without even realizing it your vocabulary would grow and a lot of terms that were once unobtainable to you would become accessible to you in a way that was second-nature. This is something that you must be working on from the very beginning.


According to the saying, all is well when it is over. An essay that is well-written should not be abruptly concluded. The primary constraint is space and time. A lot of people write and write but at the end, they have much less space on the final essay. Avoid this mistake. Be sure to finish your essay well. The essay could be a statement of your opinion, an analysis of the future or a discussion from both perspectives of the issue. You can make this great.

Certain people are naturally when it comes to writing. For others the only way to improve their writing skills is to write lots of essays and rehearsing the art of writing. I’ve never had any issues with my essay. I suggest that you UPSC MAINS REVISION COURSE 2021discover if this is an area of strength for you, and then decide what the best direction.

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