How Fantasy Cricket is Changing the Sport


Your guide to the exciting world of Fantasy Cricket, which you can play with your favorite app on your favorite device with your favorite team! Don’t know what Fantasy Cricket is? Don’t worry, this article will tell you everything you need to know about it and how to play! And yes, there are plenty of great apps out there that let you play, so there’s no excuse not to get involved! Check them out below…

Why Fantasy Cricket?

The fantasy cricket phenomenon has been growing at a staggering rate over the last decade, and it’s hard to ignore its huge impact on mainstream cricket fandom. The most surprising thing about fantasy cricket – if you even know what it is – might be how little it actually differs from a traditional league or season-long play. Yes, you’re drafting players rather than teams of your choosing, but that’s essentially where all of your decisions end. Draft a squad of ten cricketers consisting of one player from each Test playing nation and build their stats from there.

#1 Best Fantasy App Ever!

Looking for a fun way to stay engaged with cricket? Apps like Smaaash, Game of Apps, and Game of Numbers are revolutionizing how fans interact with cricket. These apps allow you to get up close and personal with your favorite players, get real-time updates about what’s happening in each match, follow along on social media and even share your picks on Facebook. If you’re looking for an entertaining way to keep up with all that’s happening in cricket then it doesn’t get any better than fantasy cricket.

How It Works

Like fantasy football and baseball, fantasy cricket uses a draft system to assemble a team of real-life players. Users pay an entry fee and are given a budget with which to buy players. During matches, they earn points based on how their players perform in actual games. The point value of each player depends on his statistical performance from last season. A player’s score for a given match is based on his individual statistics from that game (such as runs scored or wickets taken), with some modifications depending on league settings. These scores contribute to users’ overall point totals for both single-week leagues and long-term seasons. Each user’s team also has a salary cap that limits its total cost, helping ensure that poorer teams aren’t completely outclassed by wealthier ones.

Download Now!

Fantasy cricket players can download a variety of free or premium best fantasy app from their respective app stores. These apps make it easy to create a team, manage player positions and scores, and even make in-app purchases if needed. Choose an app that offers a free trial to get started quickly! Once you find one you like, there’s no better time than now to start your own league. Invite friends from work, family members from home, or simply reach out on social media! Everyone loves a good competition. Use these 5 tips to win your league: 1. Start early: In fantasy sports particularly it’s key to have a strong draft strategy in place for when all of your players are selected by others in your league.


In today’s world, everyone strives to be on top of their game, and fantasy cricket is doing just that for a sport that has been around for years. It’s entertaining, easy to play, and keeps you up-to-date with all things cricket! So what are you waiting for? fantasy cricket app download today and get in on all of the fun! The average fan may not know it yet, but fantasy cricket is changing the way we watch and enjoy our favorite sport. Here’s how: we live in an age where we always want something new and different. We keep wanting bigger and better – even if it isn’t really needed.

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