How good are the opportunities for Tech Sector in Canada?

One of the major sources of economic growth in Canada is the tech sector, and the opportunities in this industry have surpassed many other segments as well.  The technology was booming earlier as well, but the growth has been rampant since the coming of COVID 19, and it has integrated into our lives in so many ways that it is impossible to think of a life without technology now. In such as a scenario where the digital economy plays a considerable role in GDP, the research and development in the area has also been immense, and will continue to expand, surpassing many sectors along the way.  With E-commerce, online education, Internet banking, everything is at the tip of your fingers, and it has created so many job opportunities for the tech sectors as well. 

Let us look below at a few of the professions in the tech sector which are expected to be on the rise in 2021 especially. 

Software Developer – They are among the most wanted profession in 2021, and in response to COVID 19, they have done an incredible job in updating the software and abilities of technology.  It is expected that software development will be built a design and develop software based on the needs of the users; thus, they need to be adept in coding, programming, and also content management.  Those Software developers who have incredible front end and back end skills are always sorted after. 

IT project manager – IT project managers have always been among the preferred ones in the IT sector. Project managers are required to balance work and meet deadlines and budgets with solid technical IT knowledge. They need to have an understanding of PMP, PMI, or Scrum Master Certifications. Execution of the IT goals are the tasks of a project manager, and for this, they need to handle software development, analytics, and data management, all within the assigned budget.

IT Business Analysts – As the business relies on sound decision making to make profits with the help of data and information analysed properly, t the demand for IT business Analysts have constantly been on the rise. These people are experts in both business administrations in also Information technology; therefore, they play a considerable role in improving the quality of IT services and analysing the needs of the business. With the help of a business analyst, a business can improve its products and services. Though business analysts are found in many verticals, IT business analysts and optimize business systems. 

Database Analysts- This will become a crucial component for running a business in the coming years. With a large amount of data being processed and stored, an organization needs to make decisions corresponding to the information for growth. Here the Database analyst plays a considerable role.  They evaluate, design, and implement data to update the present system and meet the needs of the customer.  

Quality Assurance analysts – He is a Software Quality Assurance Analysts who comes into the picture in the final step of the software before it is released to the public. He is responsible for finding flaws and weaknesses in the program. They mitigate the risk in the software, and their work in eth recent times has become important considering the security breaches that might have happened.  Ensuring that software is bug-free and user-friendly is their task, and testing is entirely their work.

Security Analysts and Architects – With a large number of personal information online, the art of Data security has become paramount.  There has been news of data breaches in the past, and it has made the engineers highly inclined towards the development of security systems where the violation is impossible. For this, there are data encryption programs that are included in the mid role, and they protect their sensitive information.

Network Engineer- This is the latest entry in the best jobs in 2021 in the IT sector. With ” work from Home” becoming the latest trend, there is a growing need to connect employees, clients, and consumers online. A network engineer will help manage the internal and external servers and also ensure the smooth running of the processes.  They are also called network architects, and they maintain connectivity through Voice calls, Video calls and while maintaining the network protocols.

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