How to be a male model? Karan Oberoi style and fitness secrets now in the open, that might help you to become one!

In this day and age we all living in, every young boy while growing up thinks of becoming a model, actor or cricketer. In last one decade total men who have entered and tried their luck as a model have been maximum we have ever seen. Some of them sustained because they were really hardworking, and definitely had some serious potential within them to make it big. Karan Oberoi is today India’s top male model who is also referrred as K.O. because of his body, that is really famous. Karan Oberoi aka K.O. is known among many because of his physique and his dressing sense. I am in this article going to disclose every potential secret of Indian model Karan Oberoi that might help you somewhere to become a model. Any one can be a well established model if they know how to carry themselves and have great body. For a fashion model, style takes a first seat. But to a fitness model you need to have a great physique. India’s leading male model Karan Oberoi model who is fashion as well as fitness model known among many because of his style and fitness and has definitely emerged as popular style and fitness icon.

6 key points to remember if you are thinking of becoming a male model?

  1. You really need to have good looking photographs that means for that you need to have a photogenic face. Every young man who is thinking of becoming a model has to work on expressions in front of the mirror to have good pictures.
  2. Work on your attitude and style, you need to have killer attitude, If a model walking in the room his grace and charm should dominate in such a way that people cant stop looking at him.
  3. The model needs to have good height, especially if you are thinking of becoming a fashion model who walks on ramp.
  4. The model needs to have lean and muscular body like Karan Oberoi model with 6 pack abs.
  5. To be a model you need to have a great walk, with attitude, if you have that within you already then its superb, but if you don’t then you can join modelling school.
  6. Most importantly models need to have good skin, majority of men work on body but don’t work on their skin, have stretch marks and boils which is really a big turn offf and can certainly stop you in becoming a model.

Indian model Karan Oberoi fitness secrets :

  1. Keep body lean and muscular, never make it broad and heavy.
  2. Eat super foods, incluse high protein diet lean meat foods such as chicken and fish.
  3. Always use good quality protein powders and suppliment such as fish oil and multivitamin.
  4. Run a lot and play any sport that helps you to keep ripped.
  5. Sleep on time, give body an adequate rest.
  6. Don’t workout for 5 hours, play smart, keep it one hour that is consistent but intense.

Indian model Karan Oberoi style secrets:

  1. Always wear color full clothes it enhances the charm.
  2. Go with trend, never afraid of trying different.
  3. Leather black jacket, white shirt and blue jeans are ultimate stylo wear.
  4. Wear slim fitted suits.
  5. Always wear slim tie.

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