How to Bed Bug Control in your Home


Bed bugs are nefarious little insects that will take over your bed and keep you awake at night scratching. Bed bugs are small brown insects that feed on animal and human blood. That’s right, they’re vampires looking to drink your blood! They grow in size and turn red after chowing down on your blood. These critters reproduce quickly, mature in a month, and quickly spread throughout your home. It goes without saying that you should get bed bug control Melbourne as soon as you notice them.

The first step is to identify the bedbugs. Bed bug bites will appear on your skin as a red rash, usually in a line. Being kept awake all night scratching is a clear indication that you may have a problem.

Vacuum the Floor

Bed bugs aren’t just found in your bed. They adore the carpet and make it their home, where they live, feed, and reproduce. Vacuuming your home on a regular basis is an excellent way to combat infestation. Bed bugs and their eggs will be sucked up by vacuuming. Make sure to empty your vacuum cleaner bag outside or, better yet, incinerate the bed bugs to ensure they don’t return. So people want to bed bug control Melbourne.

Any Potential Paths Should Be Blocked

Bed bugs have been known to use electrical outlets to get around your house. They will also hide in your outlets to avoid pesticides! To keep bed bugs from using your sockets as a highway, you can purchase child-safe outlet blockers. Also, make sure to seal any gaps in your walls. Bed bugs will nest and breed inside your walls as well.

Pets Should Be Bathed

Bed bugs feed on blood, and your beloved family pet is one of their favorite prey. Check your dog or cat thoroughly for bed bugs and wash them with pest removal soaps, which are widely available. Use a pet-friendly insect repellent after you’ve given your dog a bath. There are also natural remedies available, such as tea tree oil. Bed bugs despise the smell and will avoid it at all costs.

Organize Your Home

If you are a hoarder and your home is cluttered, you are practically inviting bed bugs into your home. They are drawn to dark environments and materials. They’ll happily settle in your laundry, in that pile of clothes you haven’t gotten around to washing. If you suspect bed bugs in your laundry, thoroughly wash your clothes in hot water with a capful of tea tree oil to bed bug control Melbourne and prevent further infestation.

Examine Your Residence

Bed bugs enjoy hiding in furniture, so it is important to inspect your furniture for any signs of bed bugs on a regular basis. There are products on the market that are essentially trays that sit beneath the legs of your furniture. The device’s concaves trap the bugs or bed bug control Melbourne and prevent them from entering your bed. These are excellent, and the number of dead beg bugs will alert you if more drastic measures are required.

Secondhand Furniture

If you’re like me and enjoy going to thrift stores to find a good deal or some beautiful antique furniture, you should be cautious. Before bringing used furniture into your home, go over it with a fine tooth comb. If you absolutely must have the item, even if it is infested with bedbugs, be sure to fumigate it before bringing it home.

Be cautious in public

Bed bugs have been discovered in a variety of public places. Be cautious when entering public restrooms, as they are frequently infested with bed bugs. Bed bugs have also been found in clothing stores. So, the next time you try on a shirt, check it for bed bugs to avoid them attaching to you and eventually ending up in your home.

Bed bugs can make your life difficult and disrupt a good night’s sleep. Take the above-mentioned precautions to keep bed bugs out of your home. If you discover that you have a bed bug infestation, contact your pest control service melbourne company to discuss your options for getting rid of these intruders.

Household Relocation

It may be a good idea to transport all of your linen and other materials yourself if you are moving house. Unwanted insects can be picked up by moving trucks and find their way into your clothing and fabrics during the move. So do a few carloads of bedding yourself to avoid this happening.

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