How to behave in a situation of staff reduction at the enterprise

So, you feel that the business is moving towards dismissal. Perhaps some rumors circulating the office or the dismissal of your closest colleagues have prompted you to this idea, or maybe the company is going through hard times, and you understand that a staff reduction is coming. Or maybe, on the contrary, the company is expanding and re-profiling, so it will recruit new employees, more experienced and competent. In any case, you are standing on the doorstep. What to do and how to behave? Let’s figure it out in order.

 1. Do not panic

To panic is the worst thing you can do. In this state, you run the risk of causing trouble and do much harm to yourself before you get fired. Calm down, gather your thoughts and get ready to act slowly and methodically. You can get the great benefit of Kahoot hack.

2. Severance pay

The first thing that will help calm down is an understanding of what awaits you after your dismissal, whether you will be provided with money and some kind of base at first, which will become the key to your future prosperity. To do this, it is worth studying the company’s policy, familiarizing yourself with the experience of former employees of this enterprise.

When formalizing with a white salary, you will most likely be entitled to severance pay in the amount of half the salary to several salaries. It all depends on your position, duration of work in the company and the owners of the enterprise. It will not be superfluous to attend to recommendations from the employer.

Written feedback from your supervisor will never be superfluous when submitting a resume to another company. This is more eloquent than an intricate position in your workbook. You can write a characteristic yourself, and upon dismissal, offer her for the signature to the authorities.

Few people will be engaged in self-compilation of the text, here you are more likely to receive a refusal than consent. But if you draw up a similar document, then you are unlikely to be refused.

3. Debate

If you did not know, employees have the right to participate in deciding their future fate. People who value their workplace are usually respected and treated with understanding. There is a difference between asking and wanting to fight for your place in the sun. Do not hesitate to prove to your superiors that in a situation of downsizing, it is you who can become the person who remains and will bring the maximum benefit to the company. This is a healthy competition, and here you can afford to use any methods of a fair fight.

As arguments in your favor, you can cite not only qualifications and additional courses but also general work experience, good health, punctuality, good behavior and participation in all areas of the company, including in the organization of corporate events and other events.

4. Notice

The legislation provides for the terms that are given to you to find a new job. In each country, they are different; in the CIS countries, the practice is usually maintained of notifying an employee no later than two weeks from the date of the proposed dismissal. Although there may be other options, in some countries it all depends on the time you work at the company, where each year is equal to one week.

Thus, the longer you work in one place, the more time you have to find another job. Find out exactly what dates are given at your enterprise, whether they are consistent with the laws of your country of residence and remember that you are not leaving, but you are being fired, which means that it gives you some privileges for this period. So, you may also need to take care of variancetv error while using this plugin.

5. Dismissal

When all the deadlines are over and you come close to the final signing of the documents, be prepared for the fact that the employer may require that the documents not be disclosed receive information on the nuances of the company’s activities, and also not disseminate negative reviews about the management and the company.

It’s not worth it, even if you think that you’ve been dealt with in a bad way. Do not make enemies for yourself, because bad rumors can also be made about you that will prevent you from finding a good job. Think of your self-written profile and invite the employer to sign their documents in return for a good letter of recommendation.



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