How To Choose A Good Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are quite a reliable piece for keeping the household clean. There are plenty of vacuum cleaners around in the form of the normal ones or the wet and dry feature one. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are peculiar in a way that they are designed for heavy-duty usage and can clean anything starting from small debris of dust to messy water spillage.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners come in different size capacity and performance metrics and deciding which one to go for might become a confusing task. It’s where we can come to your use with our guide on how to choose a good wet and dry vacuum. Read along.

a) Durability

First things first, you should always look at the durability aspect while going for a wet and dry vacuum. Frankly speaking, a wet and dry vacuum costs quite a biggie and you wouldn’t want your investment to go down the pipe. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are made for heavy-duty usage and made up of materials that are tough and durable. Always look for the ones which have a longer durability period and comes with longer warranty period.

b) Suction capacity

With wet and dry vacuum cleaners, there is a high suction double stage motor fitted within. It’s a reason why they can perform at such a high level. Since they are also used for industrial usage, they come with a stronger power suction that normal vacuum cleaners. Look at anywhere between 5Hp for your home and if you want a more powerful one you can go for a higher capacity piece.

c) Capacity to clean the wet mess

Nobody buys a wet and dry vacuum cleaner only to clean off the dry part. Its purpose is to offer good wet and dry cleaning and it’s where they earn the money. Regular vacuum cleaners cannot handle the wetness and may cause short circuits if you impose wet spillage on it. Meanwhile wet and dry vacuum cleaners have a waterproof tank that allows for the cleaning of wet mess with ease.

d) Equipped with blower or not

Some of the wet and dry vacuum cleaners come with a blower port that helps in blowing off the leaves, any wood chirping laying around in the lawn and more. There’s always some certain areas in a home where the dust and debris are stuck up. It’s where these blowers can come to the use. Just blow the dust and then vacuum it up.

e) Price

Nothing goes by without the talk about price or value for money. Wet and dry vacuums are a good investment but they also tend to cost a lot more than the normal regular vacuums. Plan a budget and look for the one that hits the right note for you.

So these are the major things you should look for if you are going to choose a good wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Take care of these things and you’d end up with a fine piece of investment.

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