How To Choose an Electric Kettle for Beginners

Electric kettles are widely preferred by tea and coffee lovers because they boil water at a much faster rate than conventional kettles. The fact that they don’t need gas stoves and simply require electrical outlets to function also makes them useful for travelers, bachelors and students. You can also cook simple meals using an electric kettle which saves a lot of time.

The following factors must be considered by you while purchasing an electric kettle so that you choose the best one as per your requirements.


Speed is the most important factor because boiling water in the least possible time is the main reason why you want to purchase an electric kettle. The best brands of electric kettles boil water within 3-4 minutes while others may take a bit longer. Many electric kettle brands in India also claim to boil water within 90 seconds. You must check the claims of the manufacturer regarding the speed with the reviews of the customers.


The size of the electric kettle determines its capacity. Electric kettles usually have enough capacity for multiple cups of water but small portable models are also available which do not have much capacity. You need to decide whether you want to make hot beverages just for yourself or many people at a time and then decide the size.

Counter space in the kitchen must also be taken into consideration while deciding on the size. Even though electric kettles do not take up much space, it is better to ensure that your electric kettle fits in well in the available counter space.


Electric kettles may or may not have different temperature settings. If boiled water is enough for you, then a simple electric kettle is suitable. But if you are into herbal tea, green tea and other varieties of tea which require different temperatures for brewing or want perfect flavours for coffee, then an electric kettle with multiple temperature settings is recommended. Such kettles allow you to choose different temperatures as per your needs.


Most of the electric kettles work silently and produce a beep when the water is boiled. However, some electric kettles do make some sound when in operation. Some electric kettles produce whistling sound instead of beep. Make sure that you are comfortable with the sound level produced by the electric kettle.


Electric kettles with limited features cost less as compared to the ones having more features. High capacity electric kettles also cost more as compared to smaller models. If you want a basic electric kettle to simply boil water and make tea or coffee, then the cheaper models are suitable. If you are looking for electric kettles with temperature options and other features, then a high quality expensive model is a suitable choice.

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