Google is famous for its frequent algorithm updates in order to create better user experience. In the last two years we have seen around 500 to 600 times, Google has updated its algorithm. There is a long history of Google algorithm update, the latest update is possum and penguin.

Experts believe that these continues algorithm updates should be monitored carefully and marketers should get ready with their SEO effort with changing Google algorithms.

Google algorithms are an important part of SEO. It is very important that a close watch is kept on the top-ranking sites and their changes. Keeping track of the updates will help you plan your marketing strategy more intricately. There are many parts of an update, make sure to know and implement update that can affect business.

How to track Google Algorithm update?

There are many factors that are interesting about Google algorithms. SEOCalling has come up with this post to inform its readers about the different way to track the update to save their business from penalty. Let us discuss some SEO tools:


MozCast takes a different approach of informing about the updates, they inform the changes like climate reporting. If it is a stormy day, marketers can understand that there are many things happening in the algorithm. This way is more easy and interesting way to make marketers understand. When you see stormy weather make sure to keep close watch on Google blog and on many enterprise SEO tools.

Moz Pro:

Marketers always wants to know about the date and time of the updates so that they can plan well in advance for their search ranking and organic traffic. Moz Pro tool has a page dedicated entirely to history of updates along with the links of Google blog and articles by others on the updates. It is very important to read about the updates from credible source and Moz has provided this credible source to marketers.

SEO Book

If you are looking for history and prediction in Google algorithms then SEO Book is not a bad option to look for. They highlight all the changes that has over the years from Google IPO to major updates like Hummingbird and all others till the present time. The best part of SEO Book is along with the information and prediction, they also provide a concise explanation behind their research and prediction.

Panguin Tool

Panguin Tool is a free tool that allows you to view the effect of algorithm update on your organic traffic with the help of your Google analytics. If you are levied with punishment due to the update, you can find that in panguin tool. This tool is quite user friendly and generate results in seconds.

Rank Ranger

Rank ranger works like Moz Pro but the only difference is rather linking with many long form of content, the summary of the updates are available on the main page. This makes it very easy to scroll, read about the different updates and look at visual aids to understand the information.

There are many tools available to understand the algorithm changes. Look into the bigger changes that can affect your business significantly.

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