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This page contains an expert guide to eradicating tree borer infestations using the products and methods recommended by our experienced pest control specialists. We guarantee that if you follow this guide and use the recommended products, you will be successful in eliminating tree borers or borer control Melbourne from your property.

A tree in your landscape can provide shade and improve the overall appearance of your garden, but it may also be vulnerable to damage from Tree Borers, a group of wood-loving pests.

Tree Borer control Melbourne is a capture term for a variety of destructive insect species that bore into tree trunks and branches, posing a threat to the tree’s overall health. To avoid confusion with termites, this is most commonly used with beetle species.

The majority of tree borers are larval stages of certain beetles and moths, but some, such as the bark beetle, cause damage as adults. Tree borers, regardless of species, must be eradicated quickly in order to save your infested tree; otherwise, the tree may have to be removed entirely.

Before you can begin a treatment plan, you must first ensure that you are dealing with Tree borers and not another pest. It’s helpful to know what Tree Borers look like so you can identify them correctly.

Tree borers are not a specific insect type, but rather a name for a group of insects that lay their eggs in the bark of a tree trunk and whose larvae eat and decay the wood from the inside. In some cases, this rots not only the tree but also the entire landscape.

  1. Tree borers can be bark beetles, clearwing moths, or flat-headed borers, among others, but they all bore into trees and endanger their health.
  2. Factors such as your tree species and the symptoms you observe can help you narrow down which specific insect is causing the damage to help you identify which species you have.
  3. Tiny holes in trunks, for example, could be caused by bark beetles; larger holes with sawdust-like residue could be caused by clearwing moth larvae; and wet spots and dark stains in the shape of the letter D or number 0 could be caused by flat headed or round headed borers.


After you’ve determined that you’re dealing with borer control Melbourne, you can conduct an inspection. During this phase, you will need to determine where the Tree Borers are active and the severity of the infestation. This will assist you in determining where to concentrate your Tree Borer control Melbourne applications.

What to Look For

Concentrate your examination on the trees on your property. Pay special attention to the trunks and branches of trees. In some cases, the Tree Borer damage is so severe that the tree cannot be saved and must be removed.


If you have confirmed that tree borers are infesting your tree and want to save it, you will need to treat it with professional products.

To destroy any active borers within the tree, we recommend first applying a contact insecticide to the tree trunk, limbs, and bark, such as Sylo Insecticide. This is a pyrethroid that quickly knocks down insects on trees.

After the active borers have been eliminated, we recommend applying Dominion 2L via soil treatment around the tree to provide ongoing protection against tree borer damage and to reduce the likelihood of future infestations.

Step 1: Apply Sylo Insecticide

Step 2: Dominion 2L Soil Treatment


Tree borers should no longer be infesting your tree after borer control Melbourne, but you must ensure that they do not re-infest. Here are some practices we recommend:

Replacement of the tree

If the tree’s damage is extensive, the only way to treat the infestation is to remove the entire tree from its roots and replace it with a new one. Replanting a new one and protecting it with Sylo Insecticide and Dominion 2L preventive treatments may be the only way to control the damage.

Mulching the area around the tree

Place mulch, supplemental water, and fertilizers around the tree to help prevent tree borers from harming the tree. This will aid in reducing the damage caused by borers. Make use of nitrogen-free organic compost and fertilizers. Remove all of the trash.

Use the image and summary above should correctly identify Tree Borers. If you are unsure, contact us and one of our experts same day pest control service melbourne will assist you in correctly identifying Tree Borers on your property.

The trees are being pruned

It is best to cut the branches and nearby mulches, grass, and all unwanted decayed leaves and branches as short and trim as possible. It will make it unappealing to tree borers and make it more difficult for them to infest a trimmed tree.

Pruning paste for sealing

Apply prune paste to the cuts and from the pruning. Pruning paste can be made from a variety of old paint tree antiseptics, petroleum, and diatomaceous earth-based products. Sealing the saps and cuts helps trees heal faster and prevents tree borers from entering the trunk and causing damage.

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