How to Improve Your Relationship with Food During the pandemic


Present times are turbulent. Even though we might not be able to cure the world of the virus, the suffering, or ignorance, the one thing we can do is take steps towards the life we are hopeful to have one day.

When it comes to improving our quality of life, we must first get the “Basics right” and, one of the most crucial components of that is to improve our relationship with food. After all, it is good nutrition that gets us by each day. Now more than ever, our key focus areas must include a healthy diet that will boost immunity.

The present pandemic may abate, but there is no guarantee that something like this won’t happen in the future. Therefore, building a strong defence mechanism is the right way to go!

Here are some healthy food tips for you and your loved ones:

1.     Make Water your new best friend

Drinking and sipping on water must be your go-to activity. Adopting this healthy habit ensures that we stay away from many sorts of diseases and flushes out any toxins present in our bodies.

If you find it difficult to meet your daily quota, you can make use of apps that help you setups alarms and reminders. To further enjoy it, you can add slices of lemon, mint, cucumber, or berries making your drink even more refreshing.

2.     Include more fruits and vegetables

The best way to safeguard your health is to ensure the intake of a properly balanced diet. Incorporating fruits, vegetables, greens, whole grains, and proteins is the only way for an immunity boost. Since the pandemic has forced us into a more sedentary lifestyle, be careful about the food portions you consume.

3.     Snack Right

With the pandemic came long periods of stress. We found ourselves eating more than we should and going for options that are clearly not healthy. To improve our relationship with food, it is mandatory to practice mindful eating, especially when it comes to our snacks. Go for alternatives such as fruits, vegetables, salads, and veggies which will eventually lead to you feeling more full and energetic.

4.     Avoid processed food and sugary drinks

For people who have been living alone or find it difficult to cook, things such as ready to eat products, processed foods, and sugary drinks have been a blessing. However, overindulging in these habits can have a harmful effect in the long run. Remember to make a conscious decision and pre-plan meals in advance to avoid such a lifestyle.

5.     Practice food hygiene

Practising good food hygiene involves personal sanitation as well as food cleanliness. Remember to wash your hands before cooking and before eating, and regularly throughout the day. To keep your food clean, wash the fruits and vegetables before consuming and disinfect your cooking space and other things before and after use.

6.     Have timely meals

As much important it is to eat right, one must also eat at the right time. Developing a schedule for your body and following it builds a better metabolism which helps in staying healthy. While juggling between office work and household chores, it may get difficult to manage timely meals. It is advised to plan your meals a day before so you can make the best of your day.

7.     Keep a “special meal” day

A refreshing day with a good meal is what we live for in the week. Either on Friday nights or weekends, you can have an activity with your loved ones where you decide on a healthy and tasty menu, cook, and even eat together. It will make for a special bonding time and ensure you have something good to look forward to.

The current pandemic has also lead to some long-lasting behavioural changes amongst people related to food, nutrition, and mental well being. When the reality hit us it also bought along with it more realisation and gratefulness towards the small yet supreme things of life.

Appreciation for food and eating together

The famous quote – “Food brings people together” became more heartfelt when we faced the pandemic forcing us to stay inside with immediate family members. It made us value the feeling of connecting with our loved ones over a good home-cooked meal.

For those who ended up staying alone, the restaurants being closed, loved ones being far away, and no saviours for extra help, we have come to realise the true importance of what goes into making a meal. It is this appreciation that leads to us making better choices for ourselves which will help us in staying healthy for the long run. We are all aware of the current crisis and the havoc it caused in the healthcare industry. No spaces in hospitals, shortage of resources for cremation services Hyderabad, and losses in families, the situation was just excruciating. While we can’t change the past, we can do our best to adapt a lifestyle for our better tomorrow!

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