How to Monitor Kids’ Phone Activities with Parental Control App?

Many parents are reluctant to accept the idea of spying on their kids. They tell that it seems quite unfair when the world is talking about freedom of choice and speech. It may seem a bad idea for many kids as they are too close to their parents that parents are already aware of their sober or any mischievous activities. But then there are cases we hear daily that children’s lives are in danger and many of them are suffering from the effects of cyberbullying. By the time, you get to know about their situation – it is already too late.

So, to avoid any of the situations, be aware of the consequences beforehand and ensure the safety of your children by installing the parental control app on their phones. You will find a variety of apps that will be there supporting you and assisting you in tracking the location and offers accuracy of the data that you want to monitor. If you are still looking for some guidance that how these monitoring apps – let us help you with the features offered by most of them.

Common features of Monitoring mobile Apps

Most applications are similar, but only a few stand out due to the accuracy they offer in data monitoring. These applications never disappoint you for giving the best data reports either call logs, messages or location tracking. Some of the common features that you will find in almost every application including OgyMogy mobile spy app you can have an idea about what are you going to get through buying this product.

  1. Call logs:

Monitor the call logs and access to the contact details from the mobile phone of the targeted device. You can check on your kids if they are sharing personal details with a stranger.

  1. Social media monitoring:

You can track the social media monitoring app and check up on the media sharing files or text messages. Most often, it is the conversation that leads these kids towards the dreadful situations. So, it will help you know that they are not some kind of a trap.

  1. Location tracking:

Kids are stubborn these days. They don’t like parents to accompany them while hanging out with friends or going to a party. So, give them their privacy, but track their location with the help of the app. You can get notifications if they are in any of the restricted or prohibited areas.

  1. Password Chasing:

Key logger allows you to read the text without interruption and also you can know the passwords of emails and other social media applications.

  1. Remotely control the data:

The best part about these monitoring apps is that you can use them anonymously. You can remotely monitor them and access the complete data through user-friendly reports about daily activities.

  1. Use Sync settings:

With Mac, you can use sync settings. So, the applications are commonly for Mac, Windows, and Android too. Regardless of the device, you can easily activate the application by using the given instructions.

  1. Screen Recording:

Screen recording is most essential as you will always be able to get the chance to see their activities and also know about the hidden folders or what are they watching online.

  1. Surround listening:

Listening to the surroundings especially for the teenager’s kids is necessary. It will help you in understanding the type of gatherings they are attending.

  1. Anonymous monitoring:

You can always set your remote presence on their phones or systems to the anonymous. So, you can easily monitor them without alarming them about it.

  1. Block websites:

When kids are going through the teenage phase, they have the most curious minds. They are always looking forward to knowing more and explore more. Well, not all the types of contents are good for their little brains. So, you can block some of the specific websites on the devices.


Not every parental control app is the same. They are different, but if you are looking for the one with accuracy and budgeted plans, OgyMogy is the one for you. They have the ultimate functions for you to monitor your kids and know about their daily activities on the phone.

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