How to Sell your Property in Pakistan


People are always cautious about selling their property in Pakistan, but it’s not as hard as people think. There are certain steps that one needs to keep in mind before embarking on selling their property. In this article, we will suggest some basic steps, and by following them, you will easily sell your property without any hurdles or worries. 

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Do your research first and then wait for a proper window to get a high profit from your property. The first thing to be done in this regard is to know your property’s price and market value.

 Selling through real estate companies:

Several competent companies are running countrywide, offering the best services to their customers. Top of the list is Sigma Properties, Sky Marketing, Eighteen, and We will count one by one how these companies entertain their clients and what significance they have in the real estate selling sector. 

Sigma Properties:

Sigma Properties is one of the most competitive companies to sell your property in Pakistan easily. But the question is how to get access to Sigma Property? One of the best services providing companies in Pakistan is leading the graph of excellence and trust in the real estate sector. It is pretty easy to access the agents of Sigma Properties through the website Once you open its website, a pop-up will show on your mobile screen/PC where you can contact Tidios regarding your property. 

It is a simple procedure and done in a friendly environment where you only provide your property’s legal documents and information. The next step is making a deal with the Tidio regarding the plot or property you want to sell. It is also possible that they may buy the plot from you in one bench depending on how your demands meet the terms and conditions of Sigma Properties.  

Apart from Sigma, Sky Marketing and also provide the best services to a customer. Like Sigma, they also have the same services technique through a web portal and mobile application. 

Hire a personal property dealer:

You need to hire a personal property dealer to sell your property if you live in such a place where there is no one familiar to you. All you need to do is make a deal with him and clarify your demand. He will ask you for a low price of your property so that he can get a high commission, but you need to insist and stick to your demand. Once you have done your negotiations with him, wait for his call. 

Use your social media platform: 

If your social media following list is vast enough to convey your message, use it for advertising your property. Take some pictures of your plot and then add relevant information and post it on your social media account. You also need to mention the location of your property. At last, add an appropriate and negotiable price tag of your plot. Keep an eye on the questions of the visitors and answer them in time. That’s the best way to sell your property in your domain.


A very big portion of our population read newspapers to access the news. So the best way to seek the attention of the clients is to put an advertisement in the newspaper. Add all the related information, your contact number, and your Gmail address and wait for the call from the customers. 


After working on every aspect of selling your property, you need to wait for the legal process. That may take some days because transferring properties from one name to another is a long process involving legal requirements. However, if you want to escape the annoyance of this tough process, you can hire our services at, and we will provide all the related services to you at your doorstep. 

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