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According to Tailor Brands, logos are “. . .images, texts, shapes, or a combination of the three that depict the name and purpose of a business.” Still, that does not tell the whole story.

Logos do a ton of heavy lifting when it comes to creating brand recognition for a company. For instance, below are a few examples of companies that have logos that help distinguish themselves from marketplace competition:

  • Nike: The Nike Swoosh
  • Apple: The Apple
  • McDonalds: The Golden Arches
  • Starbucks: The Green Mermaid

And those are just to name a few. All of the above companies have logo designs that speak louder than any words could. No one needs to be able to read the name ‘McDonalds’ if they are able to see the golden arches that have become a staple in society. Still, that fact does not provide a good answer as to what logo design actually is:

What Is Logo Design

Simply put, logo design is the creation of graphics and logos. That may be stating the obvious, but there is much more that goes into the creation of a logo design. As mentioned above, a logo does a lot in terms of brand recognition. Tailor Brands points this out with their seven reasons why logos are important:

  1. It grabs attention
  2. It makes a strong first impression
  3. It is the foundation of brand identity
  4. It is a memorable graphic
  5. It separates the company from the competition
  6. It fosters brand loyalty
  7. The audience expects it.

Ways To Startups Learning

The world of design has plenty of opportunities if one is interested in a career in logo design. There are numerous ways to start learning, and below are some ways to help kickstart a career in logo design:

Online resources:

Nowadays, it seems like the internet has everything. One quick Google search (speaking of brand recognition) and there is a plethora of information at anyone’s fingertips. With that being said, there are a ton of online resources available for someone looking to get into logo design.

First off, there is YouTube. A free online resource where one has the ability to watch tutorials and learn without having to go through a multitude of courses. For example, YouTuber Mohammad Achraf has over 45 videos discussing design techniques and logo creation. And, while that is great, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the number of online tools people have access to.

Canva, for example, is a free design service that allows anyone to go in and create without having to spend a chunk of change each month. Canva offers:

  • Over 250,000 free templates
  • 100 design types including social media posts, presentations, letters, and more
  • Thousands and thousands of free photos and graphics
  • The ability to invite team members to the design team
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Up to 5 gigabytes of cloud storage

That is not half bad when you have other design services, like Adobe Creative Suite, that goes up to $53 a month. Still, it is worth mentioning that if one were to get a job with one of the many logo design companies, there is a good chance that the business will be using Adobe Creative Suite because of the variety of services they offer.

But with all this being said, the most important thing to receive – if one is looking for a career in logo design- is a degree in graphic design. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, “Graphic designers usually need a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a related field. In addition, candidates for graphic design positions should have a portfolio that demonstrates their creativity and originality.”

So yes, while it is essential to have a portfolio full of creative pieces, having a degree in graphic design can trump all of that if one wants to get into the field about the latest News.

Seriously, just think about it for a minute. If there are two job candidates who both have established creative portfolios, but one has a degree in graphic design, logo design companies will often offer the position to the one with a higher level of education nine out of 10 times. At the same time, that does not mean that those online resources should go to waste. By using online resources, like YouTube and Canva, and receiving a degree in graphic design from an accredited university, a person can really be on the fast track to a great career in the world of logo design.

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