How to use Shapewear to Hide Belly and Love Handles?


If you want to get rid of your body flab, love handles, belly pooch and extra fat in a flash of a second, shapewear is the best way out. If your belly flab is coming in the way of you and your most loved dress, then shapewear can help you handle the situation. With the right shapewear, you can spread your fat in the right places and step out in a flattering figure with confidence and feel great about yourself, once again. There are different types of body shapers that can work for you. Right from tummy tuckers, waist trainers, thigh shaper, butt shaper, camis, tanks, vest, bodysuits to corsets, you can pick any shapewear to get into shape. Below here are some of the ways to hide your belly and love handles using shapewear:

Love handles are additional fat that bulges out from your waist. They are also known as muffin top. It may happen because of excessive eating, zero exercise, hormonal imbalance, post-pregnancy fat or any other factor. In order to avoid love handles, and indulge in exercises, you should cut down your caloric diet, sugar and salt.

How to get rid of love handles and tummy fat naturally?

  • Lower your sugar intake
  • Get your hormonal imbalance checked
  • Lower salt intake
  • Spend time in doing some physical activity. Join a gym or exercise at home
  • Practice meditation to get rid of stress

What roles does a shapewear play in reducing your love handles and tummy fat?

The best body shaper for your body type is meant to make you look slimmer and sleeker by compressing your body fat in the right places. They cinch and sculpt your body and even out your silhouette. Shapewear will never make you feel uncomfortable at any time. On the contrary, they will boost your comfort and confidence and add to your looks. There are a lot of shapewears recommended for tummy bulge such as tummy tuckers, waist trainers, corsets, thigh shapers, butt shapers, waist trainer wraps, slips, bodysuits, shaping camis and more. They smooth, sculpt and compress your body and do a lot more. However, which one would suit you depends on your body type.

How to pick an ideal shapewear for your body?

  1. Don’t go for smaller sized body shapers: Always measure your body and choose the right size. Don’t go for a smaller size as it will make you uncomfortable by highlighting your bulges.
  2. In order to hide love handles and belly bulge, instead of choosing high-waist panty, you should go for waist trainers or full body compression shapewear as it ideally distributes the bulge.
  3. When purchasing a shapewear, look for no rolling down description specifically. It means the shaper should have silicon grips.
  4. You can also go for full bodysuit to smooth all your bulges appropriately, evenly.

You should buy two or more shapewear to interchange and wear daily. With Black Friday Shapewear Sale here, you can pick as many shapewears as you want at highly slashed prices. So, go ahead and start shopping now.

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