Illustration Styles and The World of Books – How Both Are Connected

There are different styles using which an illustrator creates his work. These styles are important to create illustrations for different styles of writing. For instance, the illustration style that seems apt for a textbook might not prove to be ideal for a picture book meant for younger kids. However, an important thing that you need to keep in mind here is that no illustration style is rigid – it is always flexible. And an illustrator can mould it according to the need of the project at hand. An illustrator can also choose to add his own inputs into an established illustrating style so as to create something entirely new and unique. Remember, illustrating is an art; and art is not a confined area of work. It is also not strict or rigid. It evolves with time and offers its practitioners with newer tools to create magic with their skills. Let’s now try to understand the significance illustrating styles hold in the world of books-

  • Every book has a theme and multiple moods. In the case of books meant for adults, this change in moods need not be too obvious. After all, adults can sense such a mood shift even when it has been presented in a subtle way. But you can’t expect kids to be able to do the same. And this is where illustrations play their part. With the right illustrations, you can ascertain also on Children’s illustration agency reading your book sense the change in the mood of the narration. Yes, you heard that right! The right style of illustrating can reflect the mood of a subplot just the right way.
  • There is always a purpose for which you need illustrations in your book. What do writers want illustrations for? Well, some want them because they think illustrations enhance a story; others want them to explain concepts that they found hard to explain with words; and there are also those that consider illustrations important for their ability to cater to the needs of people who can’t read properly. Since different illustration styles serve these different purposes, they are crucial in the arena of literature, without a doubt.
  • Based on the style which an illustrator has command over, they choose their field of work. For instance, illustrators who create caricature style illustrations are best suited for the print media. Hence, it is important to know the style of your illustrator’s work so as to figure out whether or not they will be able to do justice to your project. You can also express your unique requirements with regard to your book so that the illustration professional you have hired can do your work with utmost perfection, following the style that suits your requirements best.

Since illustration styles have so much relevance in the world of books, their importance can never be overemphasized. And that is why it is highly advisable that you hire only those illustrators that claim to have command of different illustration styles or specialize in the style of illustrating you are after. Remember, illustrations are the heart of a book, and nothing you do to get them right for your own book can be too much.

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