Imbibing Protein to Fussy Eaters with Iyurved

Maintaining a healthy diet for kids is a big task. This task is inevitably difficult for working moms. Working moms usually finds it difficult to balance their busy schedule with proper child care. Maintaining a nutritious diet for kids is one of the integral parameters to be kept in mind while your kid is growing up. To manage their busy life, the working moms mostly depends on the dietary supplements. They believe that the readily available chemical supplements in the market provide their children with all the essential nutrients required during their growing years. This may not be true. The chemical supplements in the market may not work in the same way as they claim. Moreover, these supplements are not good for the taste. These supplements are also expensive. Medical statistics have even stated that many children who are given these nutritional supplements face certain health issues.

What to do now?

You might not have many other options in your hand. This is because if you do not want to rely on such supplements, you might be facing other issues. The kids nowadays are not getting the exact nutrition as per their requirements, and most kids nowadays are suffering from diseases like hormonal imbalance, obesity, brittle bones, and allergy issues.

What is the Way out?

The only way out of such problems is to deliver functional foods in the form of supplements to the kids. They provide the exact nourishment and that too in a safe way. These functional supplements are now getting affordable with high levels of nutrient elements. Also called Neutraceuticals, these supplements are gaining much importance. They are getting impregnated into the daily lives of the kids.

The Utility of Protein-rich Foods for Kids:

  • Protein is the nutritious element that promotes the growth and repair of the tissues. This is important for the kids who are in the range of growing years. Protein helps in maintaining the growth of the cells and tissues.  It provides them the tenacity to reach the stage of complete development.
  • The proteins in the diet for the kids supplies necessary vitamins like vitamin B complex. It also provides essential minerals like magnesium, zinc, and iron.
  • The proteins are the building blocks of amino acids. Several essential amino acids are essential for the normal functioning of the hormones and enzymes in the body. The protein-rich diet helps to supply the kids with the essential amino acids for their proper body functioning.
  • The brain development in the child occurs within 6 years of age. It is important to provide them with the essential nutrients. DHA is the main ingredient that helps in proper brain development, and it can be supplied in the right quantities with some functional foods fortified with DHA making components.

Moms need not worry about their fussy eaters. Your fussy eaters can get their required nutrition with Iyurved’s range of fortified functional food supplements. Iyurved’s fortified chocolate spread and protein drink form the tasty food with proteins for kids. Our multigrain atta mix provides a major portion of a kid’s daily nutrition requirement. Enhancing immunity with taste is the motto of Iyurved.

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