Immigration and Citizenship to Australia

Are you looking for Immigration and Citizenship options to Australia? Skilled and talented Indian national living as PR and immigrants in Australia are significantly contributing towards its economy. The working conditions, environment, supportive job profiles, affable community aid in boosting the contribution.

There is an ocean of career opportunities, and the statistics of immigration have significantly increased in recent years. Reach out for our immigration and citizenship consultant to determine the eligibility of your profile.  We help you to make the right choice of visa, from the list of Visa Categories and Immigration Types.

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Why Australia immigration is important for you?

There are various factors that make Australia to be one of the best countries to immigrate.

  • Australia has an excellent infrastructure, along with its career opportunities.
  • The new Immigration Point System makes the process of application easier
  • Australia has an advanced economy, and with the least population density in the world

What are the Visa Categories you can apply for Australia?

Australian offers a wide range of Visa choice, while you apply Australia Visa. The various visas are designed on the basis of the profile, qualification, applicants, eligibility status requirements, etc.

Listed below are the visas you can choose from, depending on your status:

  • Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)
  • Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)
  • Skilled Regional Visa (Provisional Subclass 491)
  • Visit Visa
  • Business Innovation and Investment Visa (Subclass 888)
  • Student Visa
  • 600 Visitor Visa
  • Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 427 & 462)
  • Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa Subclass 494
  • 188- Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa

Pathways to Australian Immigration and Citizenship 2020

The government of Australian has set various Visa Categories, and Immigration types are pathways for Immigration and Citizenship. The commonest of Immigration and Citizenship pathways are:

Skilled PR (Permanent Residency) Pathway

This visa grants skilled and talented applicants across the world to come and live in Australian as permanent citizens.

Skilled PR (Permanent Residency) is point-based General Skilled Migration (GSM), for candidates not sponsored by the employers, but has the required skills for occupation in Australia. Two most popular Skilled PR Visas are:

  • Subclass 189 Visa &
  • Subclass 190 Visa

To be eligible for GSM Visa, the applicant should have a minimum of 65 points in the Skill Select System.

Regional Migration Pathway

This visa is granted by the Australian government for 5 years. The two existing visa under this category are:

  • Subclass 491
  • Subclass 494

Visitor Pathway

You can avail this visa to Australia as a Tourist, or a visitor, and explore the panoramic view of the country. This is offered for a limited time period.

Family Sponsorship Pathway

Under this, the spouse, the common-law partner, dependent children, or other eligible family members of Australian citizens can apply for Permanent Resident Visa.

A Guide to Australia visa process

Australia grants a visa into the country through the basis of the point-based immigration system.  A good score stands better to become eligible for Australia Immigration. A minimum of 65 points is required to be eligible for immigration to Australia.

Here are the simple steps to Australia Visa Process:

  • Pick the occupation which is relevant from the skilled occupation list
  • Get your Skill Assessment from a relevant assessing Authority
  • Clear the English Proficiency with a good band score on IELTS test
  • Fill Sponsorship/Nomination form for Australian State or Territory (if applicable)
  • Once your profile is accepted, you will receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for visa
  • Submit the application for a visa within 60 days after the ITA

 Why take assistance from Dream Country Visas?

It is true that you can file the application on your own, but the help of an expert can provide you with 100% accuracy. Errors in the application or misrepresentation can get you rejected, or delay in the process. At Dream Country Visas, we are equipped with years of experience in providing able solutions to numerous clients.  We provide you with a reliable consultation and get your credentials checked for a trouble-free immigration process.  Get an appointment today!

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