Importance of a Good School in the Development of a Child


The first place where a child forms interpersonal relationships is their family. The place which comes right after is the school. The school is majorly responsible for a child’s development. The school is the place where a child gets integrated into society. The school prepares a child for the future, not just in terms of their career but also by making them a functioning member of society. If you want the holistic development of your child, you have to consider enrolling them in some of the top schools in Hyderabad. There are certain important reasons why proper schooling is necessary for a child.

·        Engagement-

One of the primary factors that facilitate learning is the engagement with the knowledge giver as well as the peers. It is often observed that when children get positive reinforcements from teachers, they tend to learn better. These kinds of positive interactions and genuine bonds cannot be made in an environment where there are 50 students in a classroom. It is impossible for teachers to pay attention to the needs of each child and this results in a lack of bond. It directly results in a hindrance to proper education. This is why schools are now advised to get smaller classrooms with a lesser number of students per class. Working communication between parents and teachers is also advised. These rules are sometimes impossible to follow by most schools in the country except by the top schools.

·        Emotional development-

Learning is accompanied by genuine emotional engagement. A school is the first place where proper social engagement takes place. Every child is taught how to properly engage with one another as well as the teachers. They are first introduced to the concepts of friendship, help, support, anger, etc. in a school. This facilitates the emotional development of a child. Positive and negative emotions and differentiating between the two are necessary for the development of a child. Thus it is important that the emotional development of a child is properly monitored which is done in some of the top schools in Hyderabad. The teachers provide advice and exercises to the children that facilitate their overall growth as human beings.

·        Social Development-

A school is a microcosm of outer society as a whole. All kinds of people are present in schools and the children are taught how to interact with them in an acceptable way. A school is responsible for making a child ready to face society as they grow up. Yet it is also important that they don’t become interdependent. A child should learn the balance between maintaining social relationships while also being responsible to manage their own tasks and responsibilities. Some of the top schools are successfully able to do that by implementing instructional and engaging practices that encourage students to take their own learning into their own hands. Singular tests, surprise quizzes, and worksheets make them self-sufficient while group-oriented extracurricular teach them to be social.

We all know the importance of education for every child but the quality of where they’re getting this education from is also an important factor to consider.

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