Importance of Attendance management software in HRIS software

If you think as to what gave rise to the invention of an HRIS software then it will be the dire need to consolidate the scattered data that the HR was mostly not able to find at the time they needed it the most. So, it was becoming more and more inevitable to accept the fact that maintaining and creating physical records is troublesome. More so when an organisation is growing manifold. As an HR, who is or has managed the HR tasks manually, you would resonate with this completely. Nevertheless, it was during this time that an HRIS software was made and over time the companies also have embraced it with open arms. More so, because this was the solution that can make them efficient without taking a toll on their budget.


Even though HR software can automate the HR tasks, there are certain tasks on which HRIS software can have a positive impact to a great extent. Take a look to know what they are:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Performance
  3. Payroll
  4. HR policy
  5. Company data security
  6. Attendance

Now we will understand how best attendance management software is so important in the HRIS software. Keeping a check on employee attendance is really necessary. That is because every employee has different behaviour. While some are latecomers, so are early birds, while some might be self-disciplined some may not be. So, even if your attendance policies are not that restrictive, you have to leave an impression in the mind of the employees that you are tracking or you can track the attendance anytime. So that the Attendance policy abuse can be prevented.

Doing it the right way and not depending on manual attendance keeping methods is quite necessary as the same is also required to calculate the salary correctly.

There are two subcategories in attendance management software, one is attendance and the other one is timesheet. So, depending on what the HRIS software is synced with (in most cases biometric), the employees can punch in and the software will record the same. Besides, the software will take the raw punches of all the ins and outs during the day and consider the first and last punch to see if the work hours were completed or not. The salary is also processed accordingly.

Other than this timesheet is something that certain department employees are ought to fill. For instance, using the software, they can update the tasks they have done and how much time they have dedicated.

So, now you clearly know that attendance management software is the backbone for major operations of an HR and the concerns of an organisation. Some best HRIS software also enables the HR users to check the insights and know the trend in attendance within a few taps. It can be for a team, individual or company. There is a lot of software, so if you are planning to buy any one of them, you must ask for a free trial or take a demo of the software. But, prior to that, make sure you have a list of things you are actually looking for in a software. Good luck!

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