Importance of Contactless Motor Insurance During the Monsoon


Overview – 

The Indian monsoon brings with it ample amounts of rain and its repercussions are evident in several states scattered across the country. The north Indian Ocean’s cyclone season has begun, and we are presently in the midst of its peak season. Although these cyclones might be most apparently felt and observed in certain parts of the country, they leave in their wake heavy rain in regions not necessarily directly impacted by the cyclone itself. The damage caused during this time, therefore, is significant.

It is therefore vital to avail of safety measures to protect yourself as well as your vehicle during the monsoon season. Roads are more likely to develop potholes during this time and poor drainage can cause clogged roads. Each of these scenarios is capable of and has caused accidents on the roads in addition to damaging vehicles. These scenarios interspersed with the issues associated with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and consequent lockdown have added to the stress people currently face. 

Importance of Contactless Motor Insurance – 

By availing of contactless motor insurance during the monsoon, individuals can secure themselves with a layer of financial protection. Some of the benefits of the same have been examined below.

  • Comprehensive insurance plan – More expensive in its nature in comparison to government-mandated third-party insurance, this provides coverage in the event of engine failure and the gearbox being damaged due to water seepage or leaking oil. Add-ons are also an option.
  • Instant Assist at your fingertips – The contactless process of filing and receiving a claim spurred into creation by the pandemic has allowed for a cashless system in place and settlement claim periods have dramatically reduced. 
  • 24/7 Road Assistance – Claim assistance is available on a 24/7 basis as emergencies – especially those arising due to the monsoon can occur at any time. Insured individuals must only call the helpline number of their insurance provider and have their policy details on hand.
  • Natural Disaster Coverage – Insured vehicles can be protected against damage caused by natural disasters ranging from floods to earthquakes. Add-ons such as this one can come in handy in providing insured individuals with an added layer of financial protection for their vehicles. 

Claiming Motor Insurance – 

Keeping in mind the fact that insurance companies have begun to digitize all aspects of claims, claiming motor insurance is fairly straightforward. Those who have met with an accident or road trouble are requested to stop their vehicle on the side of the road and call their insurer. Policyholders are then required to provide them with photographs of their damaged vehicle to the insured individual via the link shared by the insurance issuer. The insurer will then provide them with a rough estimate following this initial communication. During this time, insured individuals are advised against starting their vehicle. Instead, they can request their insurer to have their car towed and sent to the nearest garage.

Conclusion –  Today it is possible to purchase bike as well as  car insurance online via Finserv MARKETS which also features a car insurance calculator which users can use to arrive at an estimate of what the premium charged ought to be. 

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