Important pointers for the job seekers in Dubai


When it comes to Dubai, a lot of ex-pats visit there every month in order to find some job opportunities. This is because this place is said to be one of the most top cities when it comes to ex-pat experiences. Now if one has a job stint in Dubai this can add up to the boost of their resume as well.,

One can look for latest jobs in Dubai on online job portals but before that, they need to be aware of a  few things. Following that it can be easier to continue if one lands up a job in Dubai.

  • There are actually 2 very clear thoughts about finding a job in Dubai. One can either start a job-hunting process by sitting in their home country or they can land in Dubai and then they can start looking for a job there. Now the common practice is finding a job after landing in the city. They stay at a friend’s or a relative’s place and then they can start applying for suitable jobs and appear for the interview sessions. This one can do with the travel visa and in case if it is needed one can extend their visa duration as well while staying.
  • Companies look for new hires almost throughout the year but still, it is better to avoid the job hunting process during holidays. For example, it is a bad idea to land upon Dubai during the holy months of Ramadan because at that time the working hours are really short and people are in a spiritual mood. Also, December is a bad idea because a lot of people leave for holidays and so the recruitment process becomes slow. So, one needs to pick the right time to look for jobs there.
  • One must know that most of the people who take up a job in Dubai are ex-pats and they come from different countries. So one has to compete against a lot of experts and skilled employees. So, when applying for jobs in Dubai one has to constantly keep updating themselves with the market knowledge and the skills they have. They must try to acquire some new skills as well. This will give them some competitive edge while they are looking for a job.
  • If one has already decided that they want to relocate to Dubai then one also needs to start their paperwork accordingly. They must have all the important documents ready when they are going for the visa process. This can include educational certificates, marriage certificates (if one is married), and some other important things as well.

Also when one wants to find a job in Dubai they must look at the authentic job sites to get any information. It is a must that they should stay away from any kind of scam recruiters because there are a lot of scams happening around regarding jobs. Hence, one must be really very careful about these things and avoid them.

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