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In this world of social media, folks face intense kind of complex, bullying, harassment & urge to portray themselves that they’re not actually.

This all adds up to stress & anxiety among the social media users particularly the youth. Folks area unit finding ways in which alternative ways other ways to take care of stress & one in all the most effective ways to combat this can be through YOGA. Asian country is mostly lacking in qualified YOGA instructors thanks to lack of interest in folks. except for people who area unit fervent to pursue their careers as capable YOGA instructors, “Drishti Yoga School” is that the answer.

Drishti Yoga college carries out yoga teacher coaching in Rishikesh situated in Uttarakhand. It’s connected with Yoga Alliance of USA which implies that the program & educational program is devised in accordance with Yoga Alliance standards & the certificate that is awarder at the top of the course is additionally certified by Yoga Alliance.

The school offers 3 completely different program to qualify as associate degree Yoga instructor: –

•        200 Hours Yoga coaching Course. Basically, it’s a course for beginners United Nations agency area unit try to be somewhat capable of being associate degree yoga educator. It runs from first -27th of every month creating it a twenty-seven-day course. The course fee embrace accommodation & food charges and varies from $799 on shared space basis until $1099 if you wish a non-public space.

•        300 Hours Yoga coaching Course. For yoga inspirers United Nations agency need to be skilled at yoga coaching techniques this a benchmark course for them. It covers the programme in additional detail than two hundred hours course. It includes of a complete of twenty-nine days running from first -29th of every month. The charge for this course once more ranges from $999 on shared space basis until $1199 on single space basis, after all together with food & accommodation furthermore

•        500 years Yoga coaching Course. Consider this course as a master’s degree of a Yoga coaching educator. It permits the coed to urge certified with Yoga Alliance as associate degree RYT five hundred, that permits them to show yoga anyplace within the world. So, for need to be yoga instructors United Nations agency need to pursue Yoga coaching abroad from Asian country, this course can lead them being associate degree Yoga educator anyplace they require to settle abroad. It includes of fifty nine days & course fee is $1699 on shared space basis & $2100 on personal space basis.

What subjects’ are outlined in curriculum?

•        Mediation. A deeper level of meditation and concentration to understand the reality is cited as dhyana. Dhyana means that cloud nine that is that the final goal of yoga.

•        Yoga Anatomy. Understandings the fundamentals of human anatomy and biomechanics additionally permits you to sequence showing intelligence.

•        Pranayama. during this subject, we’ll teach you completely different respiration techniques and introduce you to the art of pranayama – breath enlargement.

•        Ashtanga Yoga. Learn the standard primary, intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga with Sanskrit tally.

•        Vinyasa Yoga Flow. In Vinyasa Yoga Flow you’ll learn the way to bring the mind during a calm state with a facilitate of four components: posture, Ujjai, Bandha, Drishti.

•        Yoga Philosophy. You’d acquire the way of growing deep, not simply in your follow however additionally as a private, increase your understanding of the spirit of yoga.

•        Shatkarma. During this subject, the coed can learn the fundamental cleansing techniques for the inner and outer of somebody’s body.

•        Body Alignment. Daily study and follow of postures and their alignment, changes and health advantages and effective teaching cues.

Students from Drishti School posing for a group photo after completion of their course

Why Drishti Yoga School?

The Vision of our faculty is to show yoga techniques in method that students feel enthusiastic about being a Yoga educator. We’ve got a firm conviction that ancient Yoga techniques will build our students become economical instructors & expert of stress among folks of Asian country & worldwide. It builds North American country proud that student United Nations agency bear yoga lecturers coaching in Rishikesh make a reputation for themselves as yoga instructors.

We solely take a batch of 10-15 students that permits North American country to focus on every & each student severally. We tend to believe that every student features a completely different temperament & it’s necessary for North American country to show students in keeping with their kind of learning.

There is no security issue for candidates staying in Rishikesh country as we’ve got a foolproof system of 24×7 security.

Finally, our faculty is registered with Yoga Alliance furthermore as Indian Government licensed Yoga college thus if you’re try to be Yoga educator you recognize wherever to come back.

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