Is It Better To Sleep On Your Back Or Stomach?

Sleeping in your favorite position is indeed, not always comfortable. Some love to rest on back posture, and some feel more comfortable with stomach position sleep. What is your preferred choice? However, each sleeping position has its own advantages and disadvantages, some are healthy, and few are prone to health issues.

Adat a habit that gives you comfortable sleep, do not worsen your snoring if you do. Sleeping posture will boost your sleep and health. Let’s check if it’s good to sleep on back or more healthy to lie on the stomach position.

The Significant Types of Sleeping Positions:

  1. The Soldier Sleeping Position:

Lying flat on you back and arms side down. This is, in general, called a soldier position, if they stand. The sleeping posture will help your spine alignment proper and reduce uneven body stiffness and cramps. It will also not pressure your face on the pillow and body on the mattress, so the chances of wrinkles are less. No stiffness and pressure on the shoulders and upper body.

  1. The Freefall Sleeping Position:

The freefall is considered the most comfortable sleeping position that resembles flying or skydiving through clouds. Lying on the stomach and wrapping your arms around a pillow or cushions will bring more coziness and warmth while sleeping. If you snore much, this position will decrease it greatly and bring more deep sleep.

  1. The Starfish Sleeping Position:

With a bit of variation, the difference comes with arm position only in starfish posture from a soldier sleeping position. These are extended upward near to the head, not on downsides like in soldier position. This position gives healthy sleep and ensures proper spine support. The unnecessary pressure on the face or body is also zero, which improves skin and reduces the rubbing of skin against the pillow.

  1. Face Down Sleeping Position:

Unlike the freefall sleeping position, face-down has a bit of difference. However, both are on stomach posture, but turning head to the side is less stressful in this. It even impacts less muscular cramps or pain on the neck or shoulders. Sleeper lies comfortably on the stomach with face-down posture and even can place a small pillow, cushion, or rolled towel underneath the stomach.

This gives deep and easy breath sleep. In this face is not squashed with pressure, and even suitable for people who snore much. 

Final Verdict:

Every sleeping position comes with its own merits and demerits. However, feeling comfortable and restful is prior when you sleep. To avoid undisturbed sleep and toss on the bed, picking up the right bedding such as Sleepwell Mattress Revital 2.0, memory foam mattress, etc. will significantly help you.

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