Is it Necessary that your First love is always Happy?

A person in love does not admit to the other that he has fallen in love with him, he loves in secret and it is not always unhappy love. Sometimes it is enough to love for the sake of loving; this feeling gives the person wings – even when the other side does not love them back. An example of platonic love is love for a famous person, e.g. an actor, music star, but also a teacher or an older friend.

Unhappy first love

Unfortunately, this is the most unpleasant kind of first love: unhappy love, most often unrequited, but also love ended with a painful separation, e.g. when our boyfriend left us for another friend, etc., with amazing experiences … and that’s what you have to remember, even when she was unhappy, it still carried learning and lots of good memories that we will remember with the sentiment in a few years. Although a teenager with a broken heart does not look so far into the future, we, as parents and teachers, can be calm: the effects of an unhappy pehla pyaar are not dangerous, the despair is over, yet another love, another infatuation, new strong emotions are on the horizon. But let’s remember that very sensitive people may find it difficult to cope with negative emotions after a breakup. In this case, it is worth considering meeting a psychologist to protect the child from many negative consequences, including depression.

It may happen to us one or more of them, it may also be that this youthful, first love will not come and we will fall in love only in adulthood, when this first love will also be the only, mature one.

When to expect your first love?

There is no time limit for first love to occur. Usually, however, it appears in adolescence. We can assume that our child will fall in love for the first time between the ages of around 12 and 18, although this is a very general framework.

Symptoms of falling in love in a teenager

How do you know it’s first love? Symptoms for the teenager himself and his family may be slightly different in perception. A teenager in love will surely notice that:

  • constantly thinks about the person, these are warm, positive thoughts;
  • in the company of this person he feels insecure, he is ashamed, his palms sweat, his tongue gets confused, he is intimidated and wants to “do well” at all costs;
  • when he does not see this person for a long time, he misses him, waits for the next meeting, writes texts, calls;
  • the very thought that this person could meet and fall in love with someone else gets the teenager angry, sad and other very strong emotions – he is simply jealous of them.

And you, Dear Parent, should be puzzled by the following:

  • your child is more calm and thoughtful than usual, spends a lot of time thinking;
  • it started to dress differently, take care of itself;
  • he smiles at you;
  • He will watch the romantic web series;
  • spends a lot of time with a specific person, tells you about them in superlatives;
  • writes a lot of text messages, talks a lot on the phone or the Internet – usually with the same person;
  • starts talking a lot about love, being in love, the future, asking you about your youth, experiences with first love, etc.

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