Just Imagine why handbags are essential companions for women

The bags are our perfect companion of the day to day with feminine character. Be it a classic shoulder bag, an elegant maxi bag or a glamorous clutch, our bags are the accessory par excellence to complete any imaginable outfit, offering at the same time shelter for everything we need throughout the day. Do women only care about their appearance? No, they think in a practical way and always in the most elegant way whether it is about buying pashmina shawl wholesale or a handy bag for daily use.

The most useful accessory for Everyday needs

The bag appears by magic just when you close the office door and that feeling of freedom invades you that you have two wonderful days ahead of you to do everything you want. The weekend has come, you own your time. On Saturday you wake up the first rays of the sun that enter your bedroom. Not quite awake, you start planning the day. The highest priority: fill the fridge! A quick shower and then go to the street market. The elegant black maxi bag that accompanies you every day to the office stays today to rest. A spacious canvas shopper bag with a colorful print is the best companion on this Saturday morning. You look, smell and taste, letting yourself be inspired by the multicolored variety and freshness of the market stops.

You come home with your bag full of crispy fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and the best bread in town. Now nothing better than a breakfast in the middle of the morning to charge the batteries: you have spontaneously met your workmates in the fitness center. You put all you need in a sports bag or a large tote bag, easy to carry on the shoulder thanks to its carrying strap. After two hours of intense yoga training during which you feel every muscle in your body, you feel exhausted but wonderfully well under the shower. You have earned a pause on the couch.

In the afternoon you will go for a walk around the city with your best friend, looking for a gift for an opening party that is celebrated this afternoon. Your comfortable soft natural leather shoulder bag is the ideal companion, with enough space for shopping and small bargains. You get carried away in the streets, chatting and wandering around without realizing how time flies. It’s time to get ready for the night: all the trifles you need disappear without problems in a small and useful clutch. Without heavy luggage, the night can last forever.

Versatile as our looks, individual as our personality

Women’s bags are the ideal complement for them. On Sunday, you dedicate yourself to lazing to the sound of slow music, with lots of coffee and a great fruit salad. Today you have time, finally, to visit the beach that interests you so much. Your spacious hobo bag of suede, a stellar piece for years, accompanies you. You walk fascinated by the great rooms of the exhibition leaving you inspired by black and white photographs and you start to dream without realizing it.

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