KFC hacks to get free and cheap food


What if we said that you could get free food at KFC? Yes, you heard that right. And yes, there are several deals on KFC that can offer you free delivery on your orders and even free meals. It might sound too good to be true, but with some simple hacks, you can get your hands on the most popular and delicious fried chicken in the world. So, what are you waiting for? We’ve compiled a list of some fantastic KFC food hacks that you should know about if you wish to save some extra bucks on your next order.

Get FREE food via app

One of the best KFC meal hacks is to download the KFC app. Yes, it is that simple. In addition, KFC offers you a food item as a reward for downloading their app. Generous, right? And now that you have already downloaded the app, it gets better to keep an eye on future discounts and deals that might fetch you free meals again. 

Get 15% Off on KFC every time

With this hack, you might never have to pay the total price. Remember to carry your receipt with you to the branch and complete their 5-minute online survey. You’ll then get a discount code which you can write on the bottom of your old receipt. Use that receipt to get a 15% discount on your next meal.

Free sides, free snacks and £5 off

Loyalty cards can be pretty essential if you are planning on getting good deals on KFC orders. The KFC Colonel’s Club app offers you an incredible way to get stamps every time you visit the KFC.

Here are some offers related to the Colonel club stamp:

  1. Free Snack with 7 Colonel Club Stamps at KFC
  2. £5 Off with 11 Colonel Club Stamps at KFC
  3. Free Side with 3 Colonel Club Stamps at KFC

KFC reveals student offer

If you’re a student who’s already signed up for Student Beans, you can enjoy the student discount and get your meals at an affordable price. Also, you can redeem a free snack box at KFC when you spend a minimum amount at specific outlets.

KFC free Delivery

Many apps offer free KFC delivery, which means you do not even have to step out to save some extra money! Other than this, you can also keep an eye on the deals section as you can find some great discounts there.

KFC’s Secret Menu

Just like other leading fast-food chains, KFC also has a secret menu, but not anymore! So instead, here are a few choices on the KFC menu that are not even extensively advertised or even listed on the menu, but they’re always available whenever you’ve directly requested them.

Whether you’re looking for deals on McDonald’s menu or KFC, you’re in for a good surprise! Whenever you’re paying your next bill, all you have to do is use the Fave cashback India app to make your payment (it works even at grocery stores). You’ll instantly win great cashbacks on the amount paid! So while you’re ordering your next meal from KFC, you can also avail yourself of some unbelievable discounts!

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