Medical Preparations to do Before & After Knee Replacement Operation


Before you go for a knee replacement operation; you have to do some of the things which can make the process of your surgery smooth and easy. Also, it is a very big decision for the doctor and the patient; to go through the surgical process. Thus you should be prepared well in advance before the big day. You may be very excited to get new knees with more mobility and less pain. However, the process may even make you a little nervous too. But remember with the right treatments and preparation you will be all set to go through it. Thus, below are some of the effective and important preparations you need to make; before you go through the process of knee replacement operation.

Commonly Required and Suggested Medical Preparations-

Some of the medical preparations; one may need if they go before the knee replacement operation is as follows-

1. Take a doctor’s appointment-

Generally, you will have an appointment with a good Orthopedic doctor in Kota, 7 days to 10 days before your actual knee replacement operation. On this day, the doctors will screen your physical and mental condition; and make sure that you are ready for a surgical process. Also, on this day the nurses will guide you through what will happen on your surgery day. And will give you some guidance on the things you should do; on your end. After this, there are some common tests and physical screening which is done by the doctors. And you are sent back home that very day.

2. Check your medications-

There are some medicines; which may need to stop taken and reduced dose before the knee replacement operation. Some common types of medicines which patients need; to reduce before the surgery are as follows-

  1. Blood thinners– stop taking these medications; as they can increase the risk of bleeding in you.
  2. Over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs– Medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin; can also make the risk of bleeding in you.
  3. Other medications– Some medications such as antidepressants can also; interfere with anaesthesia. So, talk to your doctor if you take any of them.

3. Cut or decrease alcohol use-

If you are an avid drinker or take tobacco too much; then you should reduce their intake. As it can make the surgery more complicated; and also increase the risk of developing clots in you.

So, make sure you talk to your doctor about this; so he can help you with the ways to help you reduce this habit.

Commonly Required and Suggested Home Preparations-

There are also some preparations; which should be done at home. To help you in fast recovery after the knee replacement operation-

1. Home Set-Up:

Make sure, that you can move and walk around the house safely and freely after your surgery. Here are a few things that can make the place safe and easy for you.

  1. Make sure you remove all the small and loose items, which can make you fall; like loose carpets, small toys, electrical chords etc.
  2. Rearrange your furniture; to create more space for yourself. As you may be walking around using crutches or a walker after the surgery.
  3. Add safety rails in the bathroom; to make it safer and easier to move around.
  4. Make sure, that you do not need to climb upstairs; and everything is arranged on one floor to make it easy for you to adjust.

2. Start Exercise-

In order, to have a speedy recovery and an easy recovery; it is better if you start working out a few days before the surgery. This will not only strengthen the upper body; but will later also be ready to provide support to your crutches and walker.

Also, the exercise can help reduce weight; so there is no excessive pressure on your knees after you go through the surgical process.

3. Packing for the Hospital-

You should thoroughly pack your bags; before the surgical process. And your bag should have all the important items such as your ID’s, surgery appointment, check-in and recovery. Some of the things which may be helpful are as follows-

  1. Emergency contact numbers, your medical insurance details and one of your personal ID’s.
  2. Soft, loose and comfortable clothes, to help you through the surgery.
  3. You should keep some toiletries and personal hygiene items; if you think you may spend a night at the hospital. These items include toiletries, toothbrushes, hairbrushes etc.
  4. Keep your phone and the charger; to make sure you can contact anyone if you need.
  5. You can also, keep some books or board games. If you want to keep yourself entertained after the recovery process.

4. Arrange a Ride to home-

Make sure that you have someone by your side; after you go through the surgical process; as you will need care after the process; for a week or two. After you have been through the surgical process.

For this, you can ask a friend of yours; or a family member. Who can pick you up after the knee replacement operation is complete; to pick you up from the hospital and do the needful for you.

Also, if you have no one by your side at the moment. You can tell the hospital or the doctors; who will arrange people for you to help you in your post-recovery period.

Take Away-

A lot of people mat go through the process of knee replacement operation. As they are unable to conduct normal day to day activities; because of the pain. However, you should also make a few arrangements beforehand at home and medically. Which will help you recover fast; and also make the process of knee replacement operation easy for you.

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