Last Minute Wedding Gift ideas what would still be useful for the couples

Getting a wedding gift for a couple can sometimes be an arduous task for guests especially when you are in search of the perfect token of love. Also, couples may not want to receive repetitive gifts to avoid wastage as it really does not serve the purpose of setting up their new home with the gifts they want. So it makes a lot of sense for guests to put some thought into what they want to present the couple when they are on the scramble for gifting ideas.

Here are a few options that can serve as a guide for everyone on the lookout for last minute meaningful wedding gifts for couples.

Gift Cards

The popularity surge of gift vouchers off late among wedding guests is not without reason. The advantages are manifold as gift cards are versatile gifting options which add a touch of personalization and are eco-friendly. The couple is also at liberty to choose an item of their choice whenever they redeem the vouchers making it a functional alternative to traditional wedding gifts.

Photo frames

No couple would say no to a gift which can help them recollect some of their fondest memories. Therefore they make for a perfect last minute wedding gift for guests who are yet undecided about what to present the couple in the event of a last minute invite.

Bar Tools and Accessories

For couples who would love to put their feet up and relax at the end of a hectic work day, a cocktail bar tools set may serve to lighten up their mood in helping them fix a drink or two. So guests can always count on bar equipment as a useful option while deciding on the gifts for a couple’s special occasion.


Travel and adventure always have a special place in the lives of a couple. They may receive a lot of physical gifts but none can match the experience that a getaway or an adventure or a spa appointment can promise. Guests can pool in their contributions to gift the couple an experience to cherish in case of an expensive package. What’s more, all this can be done even from the comforts of their home through the wedding gift registry services offered by platforms like Wedding Wishlist.

Kitchen Essentials

Couples would definitely need some kitchen items like cookware, appliances, storage and other accessories that form a key part of any household when they begin their new life together. Therefore it’s always a safe option to go for kitchen essentials while searching a gift for an invite at short notice.

Cash Gift

Finally if you are still unsure about your last minute gifting choices, there’s always the option of choosing a cash gift. Weddings in India can be very expensive and sometimes managing the finances can be a little tricky. So cash gifts always lend a helping hand to the families in dealing with the expenses incurred. Cash can also be e-gifted to the couple through a couple’s gift registry thereby making it an eco-friendly alternative.

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