Latest Google SEO update 2019. What it means?

Every now and then, Google comes up with a major shake with regards to SEO content ranking that have made searches more user-friendly (well, at least for the most part). Many SEO companies in India and websites have experienced the aftermath of the latest March SEO update. While the results of it have been mixed at best, their in-depth digging will help us understand better what awaits next. One thing is for certain though, the process of content ranking will never be the same again.

# What the latest Update actually says?

Although to be fair, Google actually delivers SEO updation about 500 times every year, but the March of this year saw one of the rare Big shake-ups in the way webpages would be recognized and subsequently ranked.

Simply put, the core update was made to improve how Google matches any relevant results with search queries. With the help of the March update, the system according to Google at least would now be able to filter out the bad content. This included ad filled, misguided or simply misinformed content and their rankings would pummel. Though an initial ranking upsurge was seen, soon many reputed websites also reported that their rankings had suffered.

The whole premise of it is individually based, so the update is likely to be beneficial for you in case –

  • If your content prior has been diverse and varied.
  • Your web trafficking wasn’t immediately hit during or right after the update.
  • Your website had major fluctuation but subsequently recovered from the medic update of August 2018.

On the other side of the spectrum, many medic sites, for instance, a popular website saw a 70% ranking drop with the new core update and the trend has settled in for other relative websites.

# What Next?

If now say that your ranking was affected with this, you might want to rethink your site structure. Better quality content sure helps, along with balanced linkage. You also now have to check out your current traffic sources to review the trafficking data. All in all, think of ways for your site to be more diverse and with better quality in general.

Conclusion: It goes without saying that Google will come back with another major update in the near future. Al this led to the birth of Google Penguin, Pigeon, Hummingbird and the rest. The site continuously strives for making a better viewer experience for all and hence the SERP analysis and modification is likely to go on. In the end, what seems to be at the top right now, might not (surely not) be the case in the future.

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