Learn To Write An Appointment Letter In 8 Easy Steps

Recruiter is found the most at ease when a shortlisted candidate has accepted the offer letter and he has to extend an appointment letter. Though it is just a part of the acquisition, it is also a contract between the employer and prospective employee. And this is the reason why recruiters need to be very careful while writing and extending it to the employees. While your tone should be soft, you should also not forget to mention the important details. For instance, you must mention the obligations, responsibilities, and terms and conditions of employment and end the letter on a positive note.

The appointment letter format and words need to be chosen carefully as the letter actually is the foundation of a new business relationship. The more carefully crafted it is, the better. So, in this blog we tell you how to achieve the same in 8 easy steps. Let us begin!

  • The appointment letter should be printed on the letterhead of the company. If we talk about the appointment letter format then it should be typically in the block style (Business letter writing). The lines should be flushed towards left, the first line should have the date, then after four spaces the name and address of the employee should be written. After that, two spaces should be given and salutation using name after dear should be written.
  • Open the letter on a great happy note. You should be welcoming the prospect and clear the purpose. You can begin with We are elated to confirm your selection as the ____________ at __________ company. You are requested to join us on ____________.”
  • In the next paragraph, you should describe the job responsibilities, the work hours, duration of the probation period, if the position demands traveling.
  • Give the salary breakup to the employee, the medical benefits, gross pay, net pay, and CTC so that the employee knows how he will be compensated. Employee handbook should also be given and dress codes, holiday and vacation policies should also be shared.
  • You should also ask the to be employee to sign the letter in the space given at the end of the letter. Mention a date by which you would like the letter to be returned.
  • Close the appointment letter according to the decided appointment letter format. For instance, you can write, “We are looking forward to your response eagerly. We are sure of your skills and that you would be a valuable asset to the company. In  case you have any question regarding the job, please feel free to get in touch on _________.”
  • Give two spaces and then end the letter with an ending note. You should write, “sincerely” and then give fur spaces to sign the letter. Include the lines for the signature and date at the bottom of the letter.
  • Now comes the time to finally give whole of the content a last read before sending it. If things are okay, you are done!

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