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A logo needs to be legible, versatile and memorable, even before it leaves the drawing board; otherwise, it will damage your brand.

Logo design Vancouver is about interpreting a brand through an iconic brand. It is a visual device that serves as an instantly recognizable callout from a company, and perhaps reflects the essence of a product or service.

But before putting anything on paper or pixel, it is important to consider where it will appear and who will see it.

As a logo design agency, we appreciate the importance of a logo to the success of a brand, so we always consult with our clients and conduct research before starting our logo design process.

Logos for companies

At Logo design Vancouver we create a corporate identity for your company, which will give off seriousness and professionalism in the sector in which you operate. In the process of creating the corporate identity, we take care of the logo design, the creation of manuals for the use of your brand, fonts and iconographies, among others. We do a facelift for your brand, so that it is recognized and associated with the corporate image of your company. We make you stand out from your competitors.

With our agency, you will get an original approach with which to differentiate yourself. All our designs are studied and elaborated in a way that adjusts to the values and principles of your company, following the latest trends in logo design. Our designs will not be indifferent to you.

Professional logos help you have more profitable businesses.

How they see you, they treat you, right?

This is one of the reasons why having a suitable corporate image for your company becomes relevant. In a globalized and highly competitive world, consumers have high standards regarding the quality they expect from any product and/or service; So, do not subtract credits from your business with an image that from the beginning looks, as we colloquially call: “chafa”, old-fashioned or incongruous.

5 points in favor of working with us

  • Experience of more than 10 years
  • Agility since we take advantage of technology in favor of the project
  • Honesty in every project
  • Support for entrepreneurs and startups
  • 100% commitment to the project

Eye love is born

Captivate your clients at all times with an image that inspires trust, respect and admiration, once the logo design Vancouver is created we provide a complete service in corporate image, the objective is to generate effective branding for our clients, we believe in companies and entrepreneurs who take care of the image of their business!

Corporate stationery

It is important that a graphic design professional develop the corporate stationery of your business and give continuity to advertising and Mkt.

How many times have we found deformed or pixelated logos, or simply the colors no longer correspond to the originals? It often happens that many companies and people initially create their own material or decide to entrust the production of basic stationery (cards, sheets, folders) to the administrative staff of the company, considering that these designs are of lesser value compared to the logo design. This action usually gives very bad results, the worst thing is that, even without being aware of it, “everything communicates” and these actions are already giving the wrong message to potential prospects.

If the development of corporate image is neglected and left in the wrong hands, we will be giving a “bad first impression to our Clients.” More than once you will have come across a business card, an advertisement or a simple email, in The use of the corporate image was neglected. Do you remember what impression this made on you? You have to take into account that the first impression is UNIQUE, that is why it receives that name.

Create a professional logo?

For logo design Vancouver to be congruent and successful, we must have the fundamental principle of design as a maxim: less is more. Simplicity often allows the logo to be:

  • Scalable: to any required size.
  • Readable: down to the smallest size.
  • Distinguishable: both positive and negative.
  • Memorable: make an impact and do not forget.
  • Reproducible: without material restrictions.
  • Adaptable: that works in different media.

The key to a successful logo design lies in its ability to convey the desired message, and for this, colors and shapes are needed that lead the final viewer to this interpretation.

For an adequate communication of the message and interpretation by the viewer, we make adequate use of semiotics. The most appropriate will be a semiotic congruence between what is perceived by the viewer and what is really being represented.

Do you need a  logo? Request your budget.

Business cards, logo design, brochures, diptychs, billboards, catalogs, vinyl, iconography, signage, your corporate image … Something creative and quality? Give a new approach to the image of your company with waka.

Our love is design.

Logo design Vancouver is a professional graphic design studio, we offer a close or remote service to all of Vancouver and the world. We develop the original design of shapes, colors, symbols and letters that correctly represent the meaning and purpose of a company of any shape and size.

A unique, creative and fresh graphic design service with the goal of generating a strong corporate image and a positive and forceful response from the market to our Client’s brand design.

Branding / Identity

Design logos professional brand design (naming) and eslogans design, modern and functional your corporate identity.

Corporate image

Business cards, letterheads, folders, envelopes, designed for optimal communication and stand out in the universe of brands.

Advertising Brochures

Design of catalogues, advertising brochures, menus, posters, editorial, characters and everything you need to advertise your company.


The labels and packaging of your products are professionally designed to distinguish your brand clearly on the shelves.

Web design

UX / UI website design. Mobile applications, web ads and everything you need for the good corporate image of your company on the internet.


Planning for a service from logo design to a comprehensive design tailored to your company that renews and refreshes the design of your corporate image.

Why have a logo?

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Branding is the most effective way to show potential customers what your business is all about.

How does it help Your business/company?

Having an image that identifies you, differentiates you from your competitors and will bring you closer to your potential customers. Your service and / or product will be more attractive and you will boost your sales.

How do You contract the service?

  • Select the proposal that interests you, and send us your contact information.
  • We send payment information and form to obtain project details.
  • Once the payment has been confirmed, we design and send the logo proposals.
  •  Send us your choice and / or your eventual changes.
  • We send final files of your logo.


Logo Vector

You need to vector when enlarging your logo loses quality and looks pixelated, or if you need it for a printing job.

Logo Modernization

We make the necessary changes to make it look modern and professional, but without changing the essence of the brand.

Commemorative Logo

Designed to commemorate a milestone or anniversary of your company, it must be closely related to the existing image.

Wedding logo (monogram)

Every day more required by the bride and groom or wedding anniversaries, it is used for invitations, cards, menus, blackboards, etc.

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