Looking For A Reliable Pet CT Scan Chennai

 In simpler words, the PET scan helps the doctor to know if all your organs are functioning properly. A fluid is injected inside your veins that will lead to the free flow of liquid within and through your organ.   The major purpose of a PET scan is to check on the chemical activities taking place within the human anatomy. Some of the most gruesome diseases have a higher level of such chemical activity. To detect the mobility of the fluid, a painless procedure of CT scan which, popularly known as Computed Tomography, is performed. Each tissue and bones are visible under the radioactive tracers. The scan can be performed in any part of the body and even in the entire body. The blood flow, blood pressure, flow of hemoglobin and glucose can easily be detected under the CT scan.

How and when are these performed?

Your physician might suspect issues with your blood flow and regular intake of oxygen. PET CT scan enables us to find out the further scrutiny within the pH levels of the body along with the cellular motion. The radioactive materials can go inside your body and detect issues related to Central Nervous System along with cancer and other brain disorders are diagnosed. It is often suggested to visit a reputed pet CT Scan and radiology center. These centers conduct a painless procedure of scanning without any prior diet preparations prescribed to the patient. The patient is put through a doughnut-shaped scanner that proceeds to scan either the entire body or a specific part. All the time the mildly sedated to sleep through the process, so the entire is far from being painful, rather more comfortable than what it was a few years back.

Why perform PET CT Scan

  1. Brain

Brain disorders, especially of the Central Nervous System issues, are such that they cannot be detected by naked eyes or by simple X-Rays. Sucrose and glucose act as fuel to the human brain, by tracing the path of these fluids tell which part of the human brain is more affected as they are legging in the usage of these fluids. CT scan of the brain helps in the detection of

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Head Trauma
  • Parkinson’s
  • Schizophrenia
  • Depression

If you have been doubtful about the possibility of any such disease then connect to your nearest pet ct scan Chennai.

  1. Cancer

Cancer cells metabolize faster as compared to noncancerous cells. The high amount of chemical activity makes cancer cells visible in the form of white spots under the CT scan. The PET CT scan helps in detecting the major three scenarios in terms of cancer.

  • To check if cancer has spread
  • To know if the prescribed medication has to enable cancer to stop from spreading
  • To check the traces of cancer recurrence

To find the best oncologists who would give you the most accurate and precise readings are the trained doctors of Chennai. Just type pet ct chennai on your search engine and a host of options would enlist in front of you.

Exposure to harmful radioactive rays to your body is minimal in the case of CT scan. Ensure that you are visiting the Radiology department and have the most sophisticated and newest technology scanners. The scanner might be extremely noisy, if so then know the scanners are of the older models and consider visiting a better option. It is beneficial in Diagnosing severe medical conditions in reasonable amounts, and worth the investment. Periodical CT scanning has subsequently led to an improvement in the detection and diagnosis of diseases. However, consider twice if you are patient of Kidney disease or blood pressure, you might be recommended a special diet a few days before your scheduled CT PET scan.

Pregnancy and CT scan

For pregnant women CT scanning was a bad idea since earlier the radioactive waves might be harmful but not with the advent of advanced technology and a bunch of new-sophisticated scanners, safety is ensured a hundred percent. pet ct scan Chennai might be one of safest choice to get an emergency scan done for pregnant mothers, because of the host of trailblazing inventions in the line of CT and MRI scanning. However, women carrying the developing feats are often recommended not to conduct a CT scan since it can affect the growing baby. Apart from that if the mother had a history with CT Scans like nausea and dehydration, then a CT scan diagnosis is a big no to them during the first stage of their pregnancy.

Best PET CT Chennai

Hospital and health care facilities are better in the metropolitan cities in our country. Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai have some of the best radiological labs known to the Indian medical system. In Chennai, the newest most sophisticated CT scans are present. They range from Duel source to Force source CT Scanners. The pet ct Chennai is notable for the range of good quality scanners, oncologists, radiologists, obstetricians, and host of specialists who serves one if the best super specialty hospitals in India. Finding an appointment for yourself in these hospitals can be done from the comfort of your desktop and internet connection from your home. You are reverted back instantly with assigned timings for the appointment and the name of the specialists. You escape the long queues and waiting for the whole day for your turn to come.

The following article was a short description made for all our reads that are looking forward to getting a scan done in pet ct Chennai. Now the health care is at the tip of your finger since it not only cheaper than before but also conveniently available. The scan is a necessity check-up in today’s date since the human body is exposed to a lot of harmful substances in our everyday lives. including a CT Scan in your yearly routine check-ups will ensure safety from major life-risking diseases. Take your health seriously since it’s the only thing that, can take you a long way forward.

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