Lost Your PAN Card? Apply For Duplicate PAN Card Online

Losing your PAN card or any government ID can be worrisome. The PAN card, in particular, is linked with several important financial functions, including income tax payments, availing financial products and services, etc. However, individuals who have misplaced their PAN card can easily apply for a duplicate card.

You can apply for a duplicate PAN card at the Tax Information Network – National Securities Depository Limited or TIN – NSDL. Online application ensures that your PAN number remains the same, even when you are issued a new card to replace the lost one. Keep in mind that each individual in India possesses only a unique PAN number, even though he/she may avail duplicate card/s if lost misplaced or stolen.

Steps to follow in case of a misplaced PAN card

When you lose your PAN card, you have two options.

  • You can search for your lost document and try to locate it.
  • If you fail to locate this card, you must apply for a duplicate.

To successfully apply for a duplicate card, you must remember the PAN number of the lost card. You can also avail the Wallet Care plan. This policy protects you against financial liabilities arising from loss of government-issued documents from your wallet. It also offers additional assistance – the financer will liaise directly in the duplicate PAN card procedure and cover the finances required as well.

How to apply for duplicate PAN card

Follow these steps mentioned below for a hassle-free duplicate card application process.

Step 1: Refer to the official TIN – NSDL website. You can alternatively download the ePAN Card online.

Step 2: When the duplicate application form opens, select your application type as ‘Changes or correction in the existing PAN / Reprint PAN Card.’ Choose the latter option if you misplaced or lost your PAN card. Pick the same option if your card was stolen.

Step 3: Fill up the mandatory fields in the lost PAN card application form and submit it. A unique token number will be generated with your request. You will also receive an email mentioning this token number as well.

Step 4: Take a note of the token number and continue with the duplicate card application.

Step 5: Submit the necessary documents. Consumers have several options when choosing the mode of document submission.

  • You can use e-KYC or e-Sign to digitally submit the documents.
  • You can relay the physical documents.
  • You can upload scanned images of the documents through e-Sign.

Step 6: Choose whether you want a digital version of the duplicate card in the form of an e-PAN card or a physical version delivered to your registered residential address by mail.

Step 7: Provide additional details in the form of Aadhaar card number, contact details, and personal information before submitting the application.

Step 8: Select the documents you provided as verification of identity, date of birth and address. Tick the box to declare the information provided is accurate.

Step 9: Choose your preferred mode of payment. Options include –

  • Paytm.
  • Demand draft.
  • Bill Desk online payment.

Step 10: After payment is complete, you will be notified with an acknowledgement number. You can use this number to check the status of your duplicate card. The PAN card should reach your address within 2 to 3 weeks.

This is the complete procedure for PAN card reprint in the event of loss or theft of your existing card.

Due to the rising cases of PAN card lost India, women can opt for purse care insurance cover.

Losing such documents is particularly dangerous as it leaves you open to personal identity theft. You can opt for an insurance policy such as an identity theft insurance cover to mitigate any financial loss occurring due to the theft of your identity.

Keep these pointers in mind and report PAN card loss as soon as you discover it. Start the application process for a duplicate card. It is also advisable to have an insurance policy in place to avoid the hassles which may come up due to such instances.

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