Make Your Work Easy With Electric Kettle


In our daily lives, kitchen appliances play a vital role in saving time and working efficiently. One such kitchen appliance is an Electric kettle which is a useful item used daily throughout the year. An Electric Kettle is a handy and time-saving appliance that Carpenter Electrical Company developed in 1891 in the United States. Later, it becomes a friendly member of every busy kitchen. And it has a lot of advantages which are beyond our thinking. But first, we should know how this kettle works?

There is a coil inside the kettle, which helps in boiling the water. The heat brings the water inside it to boiling point. In this blog, we will discuss how we would make our work easier with the Electric Kettle.

Saves Times

Boiling water on a stove takes a long time. This kettle has a high wattage and boils water within a short period. It uses approx—80% of the energy to boil any beverages.

Safer than other cooking options      

This kettle comes with an advanced auto shut–off feature, which makes it safer than any other cooking options. This also saves you from the dangers of slippage or over boiling out of the top of the kettle and protects you from exposure to open flames on a gas burner and nasty burns.

It gives a unique taste to any beverage.

You can make different types of beverages with the help of an electric kettle like coffee, tea, green tea etc. It is handy to carry if you are travelling or going out for a family outing.

Saves Electricity bills

These kettles are very much more energy-efficient than any other inductions or microwave. This kettle with high wattage heats water faster than any induction or electric stove. It is 80 % more efficient than a traditional gas stove or microwave. When it takes less time than any other electric appliances, it will automatically save your electric bills.

How much power does this electric appliance use?

This kettle consumes 1.5 kWh of energy per hour of usage. That means an hour of use can cost you 0.18 %. This kettle consists of a heating element that rapidly heats up.

 Its various uses

 Mainly there are five ways of using this popular small Appliance.

  •  Make hot beverages. The most popular use for a kettle is to make hot beverages.
  • There are many instant meals available on the market that you can make with the simple addition of hot water from your kettle.
  • You can use it for boiling an egg.
  • Heating a little milk.


 In a busy daily routine, you must understand that a best electric kettle in india is essential in our life. This is the exact time to bring a change in our everyday life with this popular electric Appliance. There are various models and sizes available in the market to check one according to your requirement. You can check a local store or an online store to grab the best deal.

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