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Virtual numbers in India are primarily designed for businesses, so there is no question that they carry with them a number of benefits. Virtual service providers don’t always outline those benefits to businesses, so we thought it appropriate to illustrate how you can benefit from a virtual phone number as a small business owner.

Virtual numbers in India work pretty much the same way as normal numbers, but in addition to the standard features you get with a regular number, they’re actually quite a bit more versatile.

Global calls at inexpensive rates

One of the biggest advantages of virtual Indian numbers is the ability to establish low-cost international calls. In addition to building a large clientele, you will be able to reach out to large corporations, consultancies, and service providers for referrals. This allows you to scale up your business, and by using internet telephony, you can establish an international connectivity network with a relatively small team of people.

Easy management of call records

You can use virtual Indian numbers in various ways, which is one of the reasons you should do so. Consider using features such as automatic call recording, detailed call logging, and dynamic rerouting of phone calls to service staff based on business hours and availability to make the most of your professional number.

Don’t let business impact privacy

A virtual phone number lets you easily separate private life from business affairs. Many entrepreneurs make a mistake of using their personal contact data for professional purposes. As a result, they end up being “at work” 24/7, which entails rapid burnout. On the other hand, answering a business call “at all costs” can potentially lead to mistakes in provided information, non-optimal phrasing, incorrect tone, etc.

One-Stop Integration

Using Virtual Phone Systems with their virtual landline numbers, you will be able to integrate your email, voice mail, and messages across all platforms, even using your desktop to access them. Several exclusive features are available at an additional cost and they are well worth it. The cost of maintaining customer relationships is already low, so adding such facilities doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket.

Be more Indigenous with Virtual Numbers in India

Clients would prefer to communicate with numbers that have local area codes as the numbers provide toll-free services. Therefore, businesses are required to obtain a virtual phone number that acts as a virtual landline number and enhances accessibility. By doing so, the business maintains a local presence without ever having to incur the costs of being local in different countries. As a result, business expansion becomes easier than ever. Because of the area code, call back services from these numbers are less likely to be rejected by clients and potential clients, minimizing the risk of losing more clients.

Protect your Privacy & Mental Health

While it may seem fine to use your personal number to run a business, it does unfortunately mean that your personal number is now being used for both the business and your private life. Virtual numbers in India do not require you to buy a dedicated phone line like a conventional service provider would, which is one of the best things about it.

Get Better Results from Marketing with Virtual Indian Numbers

A substantial portion of your budget would be spent on marketing strategies designed to engage your customers. Due to the fact that a virtual number is trackable and provides call reports, you can track the ROI of your marketing channels.

Imagine investing in three marketing channels, say an outdoor display ad, an online promotion, and a newspaper classified, and sharing 3 different virtual numbers with each. When you extend your virtual numbers to a call tracking system, all of the calls you receive on these numbers will be tracked.

Convenience translates to productivity

It is convenient to have a virtual number. They allow business owners to reach any team member via an extension and to share contact data easily. In addition, call forwarding allows users to access their lines from any connected phone, preventing the need to switch between different phones.

Knowlarity is an example of a cloud-based phone service that provides improved convenience through mobile applications and website widgets. A feature-rich communication platform like this allows users to handle business phone calls.

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